Do you need talent to succeed in VCE?

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Is talent an important factor that ensures success in the VCE? It may be, however talent is not a necessary component to ensure success. There a numerous individuals with undiscovered talents and unfortunately these remain hidden treasures for life. Talent is not a key in determining the level of success attained by a VCE student or individual. So what is important in achieving success during VCE? What can you do to improve the level of success possible throughout your year 12?

Talent is overrated

Talent can make individuals lazy and unwilling to commit. Although it is great to have a natural aptitude for logical thinking or academic style education – relying on talent is a common trap. Expect to do well in VCE based only on talent and you will find thousands of committed VCE students achieving equal or better grades. Don’t risk success based purely on talent as it is not a proper estimate of how much you can accomplish. Obviously some level of academic aptitude is required to succeed in VCE; however you can achieve a high ATAR even if you are an average student.

In the past we have seen many students with a natural knack of understanding concepts quickly and being very competent, however if they did not have the right attitude and lack of work ethics they did not achieve a high ATAR. In fact many average students do their VCE better because they don’t rely on talent but simply have a good attitude and strong work ethic.

Attitude is vital

Having a successful attitudes is vital for VCE. Your attitude affects what is possible for you to achieve. If you expect to put in minimal work and look for short cuts to get a high ATAR, you are in for a surprise. If you are willing to persevere even during obstacle and you have the heart and spirit of a champion – you will uncover success. Attitude is crucial to succeeding in VCE, it is also crucial for succeeding in any life goal you may have. If you develop or have the following attitude characteristics, you are on your way to success.

– You are willing to work hard
– You don’t believe in short cuts to success
– Anything worthwhile to succeed will have challenged along the way
– You are able to overcome and preserve through challenges
– You know that you and only you are in control of your learning
– You are willing to learn and improve
– You have an insatiable desire to achieve your goals in VCE

Success requires hard work!

If you think that there is a short cut to success, think again! There are not short cuts, success in an area is mastery – and you cannot simply skip steps when you are mastering something. Everything must be done with precision, accuracy and with mindfulness. Skipping steps or rushing will not ensure success.

In VCE you may hear about students that are “super-smart”?, it may seem like these students are just simply gifted. It’s easy to think that they have talent or are born smart but come on! As if they were reading the Heinemann Chemistry textbook in the womb! It is very easy as an outsider to make statements that certain students are simply “better” than them. This creates a large gap between a “smart student”? and themselves. They begin to idolize a smart student instead of realizing the truth. The truth that “super smart students”? simply exist because they were “super committed”? towards their studies. The other truth is that you can reach the same level of “smartness”? if you work really hard. If you are willing to work hard you will find yourself overtaking students that are not too committed and lets be honest, there are many of those students. Eventually you will reach students that actually care about their studies and with the correct attitude and skills you can still overtake those students too.

Therefore if you have talent in academic subjects use it! Don’t simply let talent work for you because other people that are hardworking will overtake you – no matter how talented or “naturally smart”? you are. Remember that the under laying attitude is incredibly important as well as having a good work ethic.