How to Promote Yourself as a VCE Tutor

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Tutoring and teaching can be quite rewarding work, however the No.1 concern that tutors have is finding a sufficient number of students to work with.

At Academy Plus Education we receive dozens of enquiries from students each week requesting tutors in primary school, secondary school, VCE (our most popular area) as well as tertiary and TAFE studies! If you have a particular skill set and a passion for teaching, we would love to interview you for potential placement on our Tutor Database.

Unlike other tutoring companies, we promote your tutoring profile and give you the power to add an extensive amount of information (including a photograph and a well-highlighted search listing) with zero set-up costs.

Our top tutors enjoy a large tuition load of 10-15+ students per week – all referrals from our Tutor Search Database. In fact, we receive dozens of enquiries each week from students who search our database, and we refer them on to our listed tutors based on their own requirements. It is in our interest to maximise your tuition load, thus you will find that collaborating with Academy Plus is a great decision to promote your tutoring services!

Steps to student referrals

1279612_27886195Before lodging an application to work with us, note that we work with tutors who stand out, we do not just take on all tutor applications. In fact, in January 2013, we received over 100 applications from tutors, and interviewed less than 10% of them. Instead of just looking at your CV, we consider your personal and professional motivations for tutoring in order to help you create a thorough Tutor Profile that highlights your proficiency in your field.

Which subjects would you like to tutor in? How much would you be charging? What experience and qualifications do you bring to the table? Above all, do you have a passion for teaching and helping students achieve their best academic results? If so, get in contact with us!

If we select you as a tutor after a formal interview, we will allow you to create your very own personal tutoring webpage on our professional Tutoring Search database. This database is accessed thousands of times each week and our main source of referral. However, we also encourage our tutors to participate in our Student Forums and Tutor Blog options in order to promote themselves on our website.

Top Hints for Promoting Your Profile

768583_945514351. Make Your Profile Thorough

Whilst some of our tutors write about 2-3 sentences, we have other tutors who write about 5-10 paragraphs for their profile. The latter tend to receive more referrals because students are able to get more information about the tutor. Look through our database and take note of which tutors are at the top of particular subject rankings. What makes their profile page stand out? Take some pointers from the writing approach these tutors have used. We recommend spending at least 30 minutes on your profile page, it will pay off in the long term.

Please ensure to complete your profile within 7 days of being accepted as a tutor, we doubt that tutors who take a long time to get back to us and who don’t put much effort into their profile will be much more motivated in their work with their students, and we do reject tutors who take too long to set up their database listings.

2. Add More Subjects

We have over 200 subjects in our database, including primary school subjects, high school subjects, all VCE subjects and tertiary subjects. If we do not have the subject you wish to tutor in, let us know and we’ll add it. We allow our tutors to add up to 10 subjects to their profile. The more subjects you add, the more exposure your profile will receive. Obviously, however, you may only add subjects you are competent to tutor in.

3. Participate in the Blog and Forums

The Academy Plus owner, Izabel Bratek, has written close to 100 blog posts about the subject areas she tutors in. Whilst we do not expect each tutor to be as prolific, we do encourage tutors to set up their blog page and post at least a handful of useful articles about their subject area. 90% of our web traffic comes through our blog, that’s just how the internet works in the modern age. The more you write, the more your profile will be seen by students! You can choose to write about content relevant to the subject areas you tutor in, or general career and academic advice.

You have the option of upgrading to a Blog + Profile upon being accepted as a tutor on our database.

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