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The Academy Plus UMAT classes are taught by experienced medical students that have personally completed the UMAT with very high percentile scores. Unlike other organisations, the Academy Plus UMAT classes, are held weekly in order to ensure that students prepare regularly for the UMAT.

What are the benefits of joining Academy Plus UMAT classes?

There are many UMAT coaching companies out there… What makes Academy Plus different? How will joining Academy Plus UMAT classes benefit your UMAT preparation? What kind of benefits you receive by attending our classes?

(1) Our UMAT classes are structured by top scoring medical students

It is more important to be taught by individuals that have personally excelled in UMAT and have been accepted into medicine. Some UMAT companies hire qualified doctors to present lectures, however many of these doctors did not complete the UMAT.

UMAT was introduced as a compulsory pre-requisite for the study of medicine, dentistry, optometry and physiotherapy, in the majority of Australian universities at the beginning of the year 2000. Prior in the year 2000, different aptitude tests were held at selected universities – however majority of universities selected students based on their final year grades.

Therefore, an experienced doctor – that entered medicine prior to the year 2000, did not complete the UMAT exam in order to enter their course. Another point to consider are international doctors – these individuals do not need to sit the UMAT. Although these doctors may be great communicators and terrific teachers remember that they did not have to go through the hurdle of the UMAT exam. They may find it more difficult to relate to students that will be sitting the UMAT exam.

Academy Plus UMAT tutors are made up of medicine, dentistry, optometry or physiotherapy students that have direct experience with preparing for this important exam. They can directly relate to other Australian students that wish to prepare for their upcoming UMAT exam.

(2) Our UMAT classes are consistent and regular

Many UMAT companies offer weekend seminars, many students find this too intense – and find that they cannot retain the information for a very long time. A weekend seminar does not allow the student to regularly practice UMAT questions. Although they may get access to hundreds of UMAT questions online and with explanations – this is still not as beneficial as asking an experienced UMAT tutor.

Preparing for the UMAT requires regular and consistent work. Often students find that they are inadequately prepared for their UMAT because they did not spend enough time practising questions. If these students attended UMAT tutorials regularly – they would become more disciplined in preparing for this important exam.

Studying for UMAT is like building your muscles, however rather than building physical muscles, you are actually building mental muscle. For example – if you go to the gym only on one weekend throughout the semester, for a total of 16 hours – you will not maintain a level of fitness. Comparatively a student that exercises consistently every week – should improve throughout time.

(3) Structured program

Academy Plus UMAT tutorials are broken down into a 12-week syllabus beginning from the end of February/early March. Our UMAT tutors have prepared a structured program accompanied by thorough notes. These notes are written personally by individuals that have excelled in the UMAT and have reached their academic dreams.

After the 12 week program – UMAT tutors lead the class through extensive UMAT revision sessions. During this time, students practice multiple UMAT questions, in order to best prepare for their exam July. The program begins from late February/early March and runs until the weekend before the official UMAT exam. Once again, this is a great way students to remain consistent in their preparation for the official exam.

(4) Access to weekly online quizzes

By joining Academy Plus UMAT classes, students will be able to access online quizzes. This encourages students, to practice question on their own before the next UMAT tutorial. The tutor is always willing to help students can understand how to tackle the question.

(5) Small class sizes

Academy Plus UMAT classes are not held in large lecture rooms, instead the tutorials are organised in small groups. Usually the amount of students attending UMAT classes range from 10-18 students. This means that students can ask questions with confidence, without slowing down progress. Many companies that organise UMAT tutorials hold their venue in large lecture rooms, easily squeezing in 150 students. Tutorials at that size are usually not efficient in answering individual student questions. They often cause people to become distracted as well.

(6) Online option for long distance students

From 2012, Academy Plus will be organising online seminars catered for students that want to study UMAT regularly, but find it difficult to arrange transportation. These online seminars are very similar to real time tutorials. The only difference is that you will not have to drive! As long as you have reliable Internet service, this is a great way to keep consistent in the UMAT without wasting time to drive to the venue.

Online seminars are run by the same UMAT tutors that hold the UMAT classes. It is still possible to ask tutors questions – even raising your hand is possible online! Tutors can also visually represent the question by drawing on an online whiteboard. This is a great opportunity to learn the skills needed for UMAT – from the comfort of your own room!

(7) Pay as you go option!

Many UMAT companies charge over $600 for their services. At Academy Plus we offer our clients the ability to pay as they go. This means that you are not spending hundreds of dollars on a service that may not suit you. Our services do not involve any form of commitment or contract. Therefore you have the flexibility to make choices about whether you wish to continue with the UMAT classes or not.

(8) Affordable classes

Our UMAT classes are priced at $50-$55 for a 1.5 hour class. This is an affordable rate to pay for UMAT tutoring, considering that UMAT companies charge well over $600 for a weekend seminar.

If you would like to book an online course or attend the Academy Plus UMAT tutorials, please click here for more information about how to enrol and venue locations.

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