The benefits of online VCE tutoring

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Academy plus is now offering quality tutoring online. So what are the differences between conventional face to face tutoring and online tutoring? What are the pros and cons of online tutoring vs. face to face? Are VCE classes also possible online? What kind of services does Academy plus provide and how does online tuition work? In this article we will be investigating all of these points in depth.

Differences of conventional tutoring vs. face to face.

Conventional tutoring is the traditional form of tuition, in this method the VCE tutor comes to the student’s home or meets in a local library or studio. The tutor works through the subject syllabus or assists the student with problem questions. Conventional tutoring is a good form of VCE tutoring however it can be a hassle for the tutor to travel to your home. It can be even more of a hassle for VCE students to travel to tutoring since this can waste hours in time that could be spent studying. In the past I had a student travel from East Keilor to attend classes in Berwick which is a solid 1.5 hour travel one way. Although it was for a Saturday, it was not too efficient for the student because they had to spend 3 hours of their time driving. Plus the money spent of petrol (especially nowadays) doesn’t always make face to face tutoring good value for money.

Online tutoring is a fantastic alternative for students that don’t want to spend time traveling to their tutoring sessions. Perhaps their parents are working and find it difficult to drive, maybe they don’t want to waste their study time or maybe they simply live too far. Online tutoring is not only convenient for students, but also a great alternative for tutors. No longer do they have to travel 30 minutes to get from client to client, rather they can simply work online from their study room and teach the student online. It is just as dynamic as having a face to face session, without the drama of travelling! There is absolutely no difference of the quality of tutoring delivered, in fact online tutoring can be even more beneficial because the tutor can send a recorded lesson of the session so that a student can listen to the lesson over again.

Pros and cons of online tutoring


There are not too many cons apart from the following:

1) You are depending on the Internet.

If the Internet service is low or is cutting out, the session will not be very good, due to constant interruption. However with a reliable broadband internet, this should not be a big problem. So if you still have dial up, it may be a good idea to switch to broadband!

2) You will need a windows computer for best effects

The online learning program that Academy Plus uses requires students to use a windows computer. This is necessary for the activation of an online whiteboard – Mac users can still receive online tutoring, however this will not have the same level of quality.

3) Requires students to get a tablet and microphone/headphones – therefore small investment is necessary.

For the best effects, it is highly recommended that students get a small tablet and headphones. The investment should be about $100 but it will improve the quality of tutoring significantly. This is because students will be able to interact live during the sessions and try questions online, to show their tutor if they have understood how to work out questions.

4) Student may need to scan and send files to the tutor

Usually, during face to face tutoring the student doesn’t need to scan files or send work to their tutor; however in online tutoring this will be required. Luckily with a good scanner from school or local library necessary files can be uploaded and sent in minutes. It also assists students to prepare in advance for the lesson, rather than getting organized during the specific tutoring time.


1) Live interactive lesson from the comfort of your home

Online tutoring will no doubt be the future of Australia’s education. More and more reputable Universities and Tafes are taking advantage of this brilliant technology and using it to teach their students more effectively. They do this to teach long-distance students, who benefit immensely from this service. With online tutoring students still interact completely in the learning process. Tutors communicate to them through microphone and encourage students to try certain questions from their textbook or sent worksheets. This can be done from the comfort of the student’s home without the inconvenience of travel. Students usually feel more comfortable asking questions online because they are in their comfort zones.

2) Lessons can be recorded and replayed

Upon request online tutoring sessions can be recorded and sent to the student, this way if the student forgets the topic; they don’t have to waste too much time refreshing their memory.

3) Easier for the tutor

Tutors really enjoy online sessions because they find it easier on their busy schedule. It enables reputable VCE tutors to find more time to help their students. Some tutors spend 30 mins simply traveling to a student’s home, one way! Rather than spending their time traveling, quality VCE tutors can devote their time to preparing quality notes or helping other students improve in their subjects.

4) Easier for parent to monitor.

Online tutoring encourages tutors to always perform at their peak because they know that parents can check on lessons and view recorded lessons to see the quality of their work. Sometimes a tutor and student develop a habit of talking about non- relevant topics. This is likely to be eliminated within online tutoring!?Online tutoring is also beneficial because students can track exactly how long their lessons are and how regular they are.

5) More interactive

Online tutoring can be more interactive, because the tutor has less of a role to simply show the answer to questions and more of a role to see how a student attempts a question. This can make online tutoring more interactive and therefore even better then private sessions.

6) Easy to process payments

Payments for online tutoring can be made through PayPal a secured payment company. By using PayPal you can pay through credit card without a problem. So you will not have to worry about paying the tutor cash, as online payment systems are accepted. Academy Plus also allows bank deposit, money order or cheque making it more convenient for you to pay for sessions. It is important to note however, that sessions must be paid in advance of the lesson.

7) Less distractions

Online VCE classes have less distractions because students are not able to talk and become distracted during class. Rather, their attention will be focused on the lesson being delivered. This means that classes are more effective! This is important for saving time during VCE.

Online VCE classes

Academy plus uses high technology learning programs to deliver top quality VCE classes for students. Our online classes use reliable technology that reputable universities use for long distance learning – this is really the future of education.

Online VCE classes are run exactly the same as real tutorials at Monash. All students will receive notes and questions for the class and classes will be led by professional VCE tutors. Students can ask the tutor a question during class by raising their hand, virtually! PowerPoint slides and example questions can be displayed during the class. Also a brilliant feature is that class members can attempt questions on the interactive whiteboard, given that they have their own tablet. This is a fantastic way to learn and overcomes the problem of traveling to distant venues to attend classes!

Online classes are easily recorded and are uploaded for students to review classes. The classes are 10% cheaper to run because expensive rent does not need to be paid for venue hire. So if you still want to receive quality tutoring at low prices, without moving from your home, make sure you try our online classes. At the moment we have VCE Chemistry, Methods, UMAT and biology classes. You also can make your own class if you have a group of friends interested in the service.

How does online tutoring work?

Private Online Tutoring

Do you want to book private tutoring session online? Sure.

You will need:
A) preferably windows computer
B) good quality ADSL internet connection
C) good microphone and/or webcam
D) writing tablet

How to book session

Call our friendly staff or send us an email. Request to have online tutoring with one of our top quality tutors.

Talk to the tutor

At Academy Plus we ask the tutor to call you back to organize some times and book your session.

Pay for session

Use one of the four methods we have to pay your tuition fees in advance send the tutor the confirmation.

Wait until your session and connect your tablet, speakers and it’s time to start the session!

Online Classes

For online classes look at our online classes section on Academy Plus choose your class. Email us or phone for details about payment. Pay for session and attend your live class!

Online tutoring is really the next big step in education in Australia. By offering interactive tutoring, with fewer distractions as well as saving travelling time and money, online tutoring will be very important in the future. So take advantage of this new, exciting service today!

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