Private Tutoring

Do you need professional tutoring without the inconvenience of travelling? Online tutoring is an excellent and cost effective way to learn. Academy Plus Education now offers quality online tutoring delivered professionally from the convenience of your home. There are many benefits of this type of tutoring including:

  • Live interface between student and teacher
  • Quality notes received after each lesson
  • Incorporating quality videos and animations to present content
  • Harnessing the power of technology for better understanding of content
  • Calculator software is used to assist students with CAS calculator
  • Ability for student to receive recording of class
  • Saving time on driving as well as reducing carbon emissions

Subjects Offered in 2021 

Private tutoring is offered for the following subjects in 2021.

  • VCE Biology (Unit 3/4)
  • VCE Chemistry (Unit 1/2 and Unit 3/4)
  • VCE English (Unit 1/2 and Unit 3/4)
  • VCE Further Maths 
  • VCE Math Methods (Unit 1/2 and Unit 3/4)
  • VCE Specialist Maths (Unit 3/4)
  • Year 7-10 English 
  • Year 7-10 Mathematics 
  • Year 7-10 Science 
  • Primary School 


Prices of our tutors vary, the teacher or tutor sets their price. The price per lesson ranges from $30 – $80 per hour depending on experience, qualifications and results.

Academy Plus does not charge a fee to contact tutors. We provide open access to quality teachers without additional hassles.

Where do I find tutors?

To find the tutors we currently have available please go to the “Find a Tutor” page. 

Need a tutor ASAP? Enquire here for 2021!