Academy Plus Education is a company committed to improving the quality of education delivered in Melbourne and Victoria. Our mission is to find individuals that are passionate about their subjects and that desire to make a positive difference in a student’s academic goals. We only hire tutors that are verified by our standards and have been interviewed by our team members. By joining Academy Plus, parents and students can be assured that they are receiving the finest quality of teaching possible.

To apply you should

  • have excellent communication skills
  • be a conscientious and honest individual
  • know your subject of expertise thoroughly by either tertiary level experience in the field or a high ATAR result
  • be reliable and have your own car
  • have a passion for teaching and building rapport with students
  • be self motivated and effective in your work
  • have a desire to improve the quality of education delivered in Victoria
  • provide a cover letter and CV

Additional Requirements

  • WWC
  • Police Check
  • Interview to verify all ATAR and tertiary qualifications
  • Tutor needs to make online profile
  • Online profile must be updated in order to keep information on the website accurate
  • It is recommended that candidate writes blogs/articles to improve self promotion on the vcetuition.com.au site


How much work will I receive?

Academy Plus is a reliable company that is well known by parents and students for delivering high quality of tutoring Melbourne and Victoria wide. Our tutors are selected based on their experience, qualifications and motivation to make a positive difference in education. To ensure that our tutors receive plenty of referrals we limit the number of tutors available for each suburb (per each subject). Instead of flogging our website with hundreds of tutors – at Academy Plus our aim is to choose tutors that genuinely care about their students and are dedicated to offering quality education.How much work a tutor will receive depends on the parent/student that visits our site. In order to obtain more successful referrals, it is a good idea to ensure that you follow the guidelines below:

– Set a clear and comprehensive tutor profile. Your tutor profile should highlight what set you aside from other tutors and how you make a difference in the quality of education.

Write articles and maintain a blog on the vcetuition.com.au website. This will automatically link the article to your tutor profile. By maintaining your own online blog, students and parents will be drawn to your services.

– Set up a reasonable hourly rate. It is important to be fair – it will not be beneficial to set the price too low as parents may?not trust your services. On the other hand, overinflating the price may not attract much attention from parents/students.

Respond to the client quickly. If you receive a referral, it is important to respond to it as soon as possible. If you wait for days to reply to an email or phone call, the parent/student may select a different tutor from our database!

Update your availabilities and profile regularly, an outdated profile may cause the parent/student to be unsure if you still offer tutoring

Get involved in our forum. Our Academy Plus forum allows students to ask questions about problems that they may encounter, it is beneficial being involved in the forum asstudents will be more likely to choose you as their tutor!

How much will I be paid?

The benefit of joining Academy Plus is that you can choose your hourly tuition rate. Many tutoring centres ask their teachers to adjust to their hourly rate, Academy Plus however values the tutor by allowing them to be flexible with their hourly rate. It is important to consider your experience and qualifications when choosing your hourly rate. It is also beneficial to offer discounts for small group sessions if possible.

What does Academy Plus do for me?

Academy Plus is involved in finding quality tutors, promoting the website and contacting parents with the right tutor. We help the tutor by linking them directly to the student and save a lot of time for both the parent and the teacher. Our site is popular on Google search engines, and our ranking will continue to grow as we work on developing our website, expand our services and broaden the tutor database. Academy Plus verifies the credentials and qualifications of the tutor in order to give parents and students the assurance that they are getting an honest service.

How will students contact me?

Once your application has been approved, your email will be linked to receiving referrals. This means that a student or parent may contact you at any time in order to organize a session. It is important to respond to enquiries quickly as the parent/student may look for a different tutor. Alternatively, our friendly staff may give you a call if an enquiry has been made for tutoring in your area!

How to apply

Please send your coverletter and CV to employment@vcetuition.com.au. Upon a successful application it will be important to construct a tutor profile online.