I enjoy writing articles to motivate students and help them increase their confidence. Being at school is a challenge, especially during the VCE/HSC years, and it is important to focus on stress reduction, time management, motivation and goal setting throughout the year!

The 2010 ATAR score advice and tips

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Well it is that time of the year once again, the excitement, anticipation and most likely fear is gripping all year 12 students around Victoria. Most students are feeling uneasy about their ATAR scores – so here are some things to keep in mind when you get those results on December 13th, 2010.

The problem of "wanting" a high ATAR

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Why is wanting a problem that will directly block you from achieving your VCE goals? How will wanting a high ATAR cause problems in the long term?

Should you do VCE methods in year 12?

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Is VCE Methods the right choice for you? Should you study VCE Further instead? What is the difference between the two maths subjects?

Is VCE fair?

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Is VCE fair? Many individuals believe that VCE is not a fair system because of the scaling factor and the idea that you are compared… Read More »Is VCE fair?

Reasons to excel in VCE

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Why should you do well in VCE? If you are running out of reasons to do well in VCE read this article!