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How Academy Plus started (Izabella Bratek)

    I started tutoring in 2005. I worked in Kumon prior to this – I found that teaching tapped into my sense of creativity. I enjoyed being able to use different techniques on my “students” and found it fascinating how their learning was completely dependant on their character. I realised that each individual required a “personalized” style of teaching – I found myself having to adapt to the student being taught. After I started university, I stopped working at Kumon – I did not enjoy the work environment because it felt like I needed to use creativity elsewhere. My aim between 2005-2007 was to gain as much teaching experience as I possibly could, so I only tutored for a low rate, taking up as many hours as I could handle with my university workload.
    By the end of 2007, Academy Plus was registered as a business. In 2008, I was leading classes from a classroom in Berwick. I spent an entire year making well over 200 power-point presentations, notes, questions and other resources for the business. I was also involved in tutoring privately and small classes. In 2009, I spent the first half of the year teaching classes from Berwick and teaching privately, in particular the Berwick/Beaconsfield region. On the 14th August 2009, the first Academy Plus centre was opened in Glen Waverley.
    It is not an easy task to balance tutoring privately, leading classes, managing a business, coping with business responsibilities, studying chemical engineering, working on videos/website/articles and much more – but my passion is to deliver a high quality of education for all of my students – no matter what!
    I encourage my VCE students to see that they have unlimited potential/power within and that if they develop a help self-image as a student, they can really transform their marks. I am very interested in NLP and the learning psychology – which I intergrate into my teaching so that students don’t only learn the material, but they learn how to learn effectively, minimise stress, increase confidence, improve self-image, increasing motivation and coping with exam anxiety. It is important to understand that “school performance” isn’t simply about what theory you know, a large part of it has to do with mindset!
    At the present moment, I am looking for tutors/teachers that share a passion for improving the quality of education delivered to students within Australia. It is very important for our future generations to not only “know” their English, Maths and Science but to have leadership qualities and a high level of emotional intelligence. Perhaps we can all begin to recognise the importance of educating our youth, not only about “facts” but also how they can develop and grow into leaders.