The problem of "wanting" a high ATAR

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The sensation of “wanting something” is very common among people – most individuals want more freedom, more money, more health, more love or simply more time. However the feeling of want does not necessarily lead to obtaining those factors. In fact, wanting something can completely block the manifestation of that item.

When you want something, the feeling is generated from a perspective of lack. The wanting sensation causes the individual believe that there is a gap between their current reality and the desirable reality. The individual becomes aware that they do not have that item now, and therefore the mind begins to make predictions on how much time needs to pass in order to welcome that desirable item into their lives. As individuals we believe in the time frame that our mind sets – however we continue to want that item. By wanting it more and more we begin to push that item further and further away in time. It becomes an endless cycle and we begin to get frustrated at the lack of that item in our lives, which pushes it away from our reach because frustration and impatience causes even more negative energy towards that item.

Wanting something creates a time gap between your current reality and what you want. This time gap is created because your now is lacking and you believe that your future will be improved. Since you have two reference points you create a time line to follow.

In the above diagram it is shown that since want and the current situation now are apart – it causes a time gap. This time gap varies in size depending on the significance that the mind attaches to the goal. If the mind believes that the goal is small than the resulting time gap will be proportional, on the other hand if the mind believes that the goal is “hard to achieve” the time gap can become significant. Another factor to consider is the feeling of frustration, impatience and other negative, destructive emotions along the time gap. This can result in the time gap becoming even greater – because your feelings are not aligned with having that desired item in this moment of time. Even from experience, it feels like you will never achieve your goals when you begin to feel frustrated. This feeling causes the time gap to expand and you begin to move apart from the goal, as represented in the following diagram.

Is there a way to eliminate this time gap? Or a way to make it smaller? Can we move closer towards meaningful goals within our lives – instead of pushing them away?

If we explore why there is a time gap generated, it becomes evident that the mind is merely interfering with our goals. It is pushing away our goals due to the feeling of “want” which is acknowledging that it is currently not within our lives at the current moment of now. The next moment of now that is created, is still from a reference of “lack” – and therefore there is a vigorous loop formed in which one moment of now, possesses the same “lack” as the previous moment of now, because nothing has changed in our external world.

It is important to realise the importance of our inner world and how it is responsible for the creation of circumstances in the outer world. If you focus your attention on the external results and your current life situation, you may notice that in this moment of time your life is lacking in many areas. By allowing dissatisfaction and frustration to enter into your inner self, creation occurs based on these feelings. This results in the creation of more situations of dissatisfaction and frustration, in the next moment of now. However we all possess the ability to ignore the outside world and “tune” our inner self with feelings of satisfaction, positivity, strength and abundance. By tuning our inner world – the next moment of now will be created from a more positive energy. Slowly the positive moments of “now” which accumulate and gain momentum. This will cause the creation of the “wanted” item naturally, without frustration and disappointment.

In every moment of now we are creating our reality. Each moment of now builds up on the previous moment of now, until we build the tangible effect. By focusing our conscious energy on what we are creating in each moment, we are able to create our lives.

In the diagram above we can see that the process of creation follows a snowball effect in which each moment of now builds up on the next moment of now, until the small individual creations join into a tangible result. This may result in finding more work, or succeeding in a goal – it can also however result in the loss of work or failing in a goal based completely on the sum total of the “now” moments.

By focusing our attention on the current moment of time, and being aware of how we feel, we can make alterations to the creation process. This is only possible by locking out what is happening on the external world. Even though you may be sleeping on the floor and scanting for money, it is important to reject these external factors from affecting your inner world. By persistently emitting positive feelings of wealth, abundance, satisfaction and happiness – the next moment of now will begin to build into the tangible result you “want”. Although there will be a time gap, it will not be expanded by the mind and you will be able to achieve your goals with a minimum time gap.

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