How to become a VCE warrior

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A VCE warrior has the strength and mentality to cope with the stresses of year 12. A VCE warrior does not get bogged down by failures or challenges – a true warrior faces his or her fears and thrives in a challenging situations. A VCE warrior consistently works to improving his or her qualities. VCE warriors understand that to become a respected warrior takes time and dedication – their skills are a form of art and discipline, not just talent.

VCE warriors are found making small daily improvements to becoming a better warrior. They sharpen their tools mindfully so that upon battle they will be prepared! VCE warriors do not sharpen their tools for the first time, just before a battle, because they know that it is necessary to develop an understanding of this tool! They can’t successfully battle without understanding their weapon. It is important to sharpen your weapon as a warrior but it is even more vital to know how to use it appropriately and to learn about its dynamics. To have a “feel” of your weapon is important to be a true warrior. Warriors that do not understand how to use their weapon will be beaten by warriors that do!

VCE warriors are self-disciplined. They know that true warriors value consistency – even the smallest efforts can magnify and gain power. They understand that a journey is made up of hundreds or thousands of small steps and that it is important to appreciate every step. VCE warriors do not believe in short cuts! The understand that short cuts are misleading because they skip too many steps and skipping steps can cause the warrior to lose the path of the journey. Warriors aim to make improvements in their art everyday – they understand that everyday is an opportunity to become a better VCE warrior.

VCE warriors do not waste precious time completing idle tasks. They respect time because they know it is irreplaceable. Since they value time, warriors use it to the full of their ability. They don’t waste time to complete a task – warriors take action to improve their skills.

Warriors improve not only by developing their skills but also by mastering their minds and emotions. They understand that emotions such as fear, anger and frustration do not make you a better warrior – in fact such emotions can weaken your battle. VCE warriors work on emptying their busy minds. Warriors recognize that a busy mind can cause one to become slow and insufficient because their energy is focused on idle thoughts not on their battle. They acknowledge that minds work most efficiently when it is not cluttered with thoughts and mindless chatter. They achieve such a zen phase through disciplined meditation and mindfulness practices. Warriors know that it is important to focus 100% on a task rather than 30% on thoughts and 70% on a task – by disciplining their minds they have a clear advantage over other warriors and are more likely to win battles.

A VCE warrior maintains balance in their lives. They live in moderation, preventing extreme measures. Warriors understand that extreme actions often have extreme consequences. They don’t work too hard but aim at consistency in actions. True warriors work towards achieving harmony in all facets of their life – they recognize that this is the only way to achieve excellence.

A VCE warrior doesn’t get discouraged by their loses – rather they reflect upon why they lost a battle. They closely analyze where an improvement can be made and don’t allow their loses to become who they are. They understand that loses contain valuable lessons about how to achieve excellence and that without loses they will never truly grow to become a great warrior. A VCE warrior does not find it wise to put themselves down if they failed a battle. Since they themselves are the vehicle to achieving excellence, warriors know that they need to feel honoured and respected – not by other people, but by them selves. They believe in their personal power and strength and therefore when failure occurs, warriors extract all the lessons taught from the failure. Running away, ignoring or denying their failure will not improve the situation and will cause history to repeat itself.

Warriors are usually enthusiastic to keep an open mind. They understand that by keeping their minds open they are more bound to learn something new. A true warrior is always willing to learn an alternative way of accomplishing a skill because he or she wants to be a master of their art. They understand that broadening their perspective allows them to become better and experienced warriors.

The willingness to learn and curiosity is part of the warrior spirit – they want to explore their art further, without external forces. It is not necessary to force a VCE warrior to explore their subject, they have enough passion and curiosity to do it themselves. A warrior is immersed in their tasks and they naturally feel positive studying their art.

A VCE warrior listens attentively to their teacher, but does not stop at their wisdom. The true warrior questions what their teacher has presented and practices it. The warrior respects their teacher, but understands that in order to master a skill they have to put their own individuality into their practice. They understand that their teacher offers one ways of viewing the world but know that there are other ways of perceiving the world. A warrior has a view that mastering their art is multidimensional, not simply linear.

A true VCE warrior does not blame anyone for their failures, they understand that no one is responsible for their results apart from themselves. A warrior knows that blaming someone doesn’t help to become a respectable warrior. In fact blaming other people or other external forces disempowers the warrior. It is a sign that the warrior isn’t in charge of their learning and allows other sources to be responsible for their success. This contradicts the true spirit of the warrior that includes achieving excellence through dedication and self discipline.

So are you going to become a VCE warrior? Do you want to master your skills and win the battle? Do you wish to be different to the general VCE students and become a VCE warrior? By following a similar mentality as above, you will be on your way to become a true VCE warrior!

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