How to become a VCE high achiever?

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Being a VCE high achiever requires commitment, devotion and persistence. A high achiever is a VCE student achieving an ATAR score beyond 90. If you really want to become a VCE high achiever it is important to recognize that it will be a challenge. The path to success is never simple – otherwise most people will have no problem accomplishing anything. The truth is that successful VCE students and high achievers are willing to walk the extra mile, to remain focussed on their goal and to develop a health self-image.

Steps to becoming a VCE high achiever:

(1) Do enough work!

It is very unlikely that you will succeed in any accomplishment throughout your life, if you are unwilling to put some energy in. This is the same during VCE! Do you think that the top student in your Year 12 class doesn’t work hard? Maybe these students brag that they hardly do anything at home – don’t fall for it! Perhaps they work effectively – where 1 hour of their time is equivalent to 3-4 hours of a procrastinating student. Or perhaps they have finished the curriculum in Year 10!

There is no such thing as “naturally smart” students – top VCE student put in heaps of work. It just seems like they are “smart” but the only reason they excel in VCE is because they have developed good study skills, high self-image as a student and self-motivation.

If you would like to become a VCE high achiever it is time to find out exactly how much ex-VCE students studied and mimic it smartly. By smartly we do not mean that you sit passively for 3 hours a day behind the desk and spend most of you time texting friends – because that is not what high achievers do! VCE high achievers actually value their time and use it effectively.

About 3 hours a weeknight night of studying is enough for VCE level – the total recommended hours of work during the year 12 is normally 20-24 hours a week outside of school!

(2) Stay motivated!

For VCE it is very important to remain motivated – otherwise when times get tough you will not remain determined. There is a fantastic goal-setting product that Academy Plus recommends highly. This product allows you to break down your goals to remain motivated throughout the year.It promotes you to develop successful habits and to remain focused on your VCE goals. We highly recommend that you try this product – it can assist you in turning your dreams into reality!

Remember that motivational levels will drop throughout the year so you have to be responsible for generating your own motivation. The ability of self-motivation is vital to success during the VCE! If you need more ideas on how to motivate yourself please visit our article 8 ways to increase motivation and motivation in VCE

(3) Pay attention!

Make the most out of your VCE classes – don’t begin to daydream, text, doodle or talk to other students. This will prevent you from making the most out of your teacher’s experience and most importantly waste your valuable time.

Listen closely to your teacher- try to absorb information by paying attention on the lesson, not the note taking! It is the mechanisms of the concepts that are important. You should complete notes about the topic after the teacher has finished communicating.

Be sure to think critically – don’t just accept what you hear … question it, look for its loopholes and limitation. Find where and why the theory is applied – become curious about what you are learning during VCE. High achievers in the VCE develop curiosity within their subjects and are interested in their subjects.

(4) Go the extra mile

Always walk the extra mile! When you develop this sort of mentality you will always be a step ahead of your other VCE peers. By exerting more effort than required, you will know that you tried your best. When the ATAR score is released you will feel good about the number because you really tried your best.

To become successful in any goal you pursue, it is vital to be willing to walk (or run) the extra mile. Successful people don’t expect to find shortcuts to great results – because they value and respect hard work. They are energetic and motivated to walk the path least explored because that is where the rewards are laying!

Most people dream about becoming successful, few turn the talk and promises into action and even fewer achieve the success. If you are willing to walk the extra mile you will find that it isn’t too difficult to achieve success – it’s all about attitude! If you are serious about becoming a VCE top achiever find ways that can separate you from the rest of the crowd. Don’t mimic your friend’s attitude towards VCE, work habits and opinions – develop you own “successful” attitude. Try to do your absolute best in every VCE task – even the small ones and enjoy the results that you achieve.

(5) Stay consistent with your efforts and in your actions.

Everyday aim to do something productive towards your ATAR score. It doesn’t matter if it is a small action – as long as it benefits your overall ATAR score it will help. There is a tendency to believe that only “big” actions matter! For example studying for 8 hours a day, or going for a 2 hour walk. Often the small actions are neglected, but they are very important. We spend most of our day performing a whole bunch of small actions! If the small actions are concentrated towards a particular project, overtime it will have a significant effect.

So keep reading your VCE notes, solve questions, browsing the web for more explanations of a topic – you do not have to do this in hourly intervals! Remember little actions can magnify – persistent, small actions grow over time. Think about the snowball effect – small actions can gain momentum and produce significant results.

There are many more ways to become a VCE high achiever – the above point will help however if you would like more suggestions we advice that you visit our other VCE articles.

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