VCE Chemistry Unit 3 Full Comprehensive Notes

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Academy Plus comprehensive VCE chemistry notes for Unit 3. These notes are very detailed progressing through every single important concepts to understand for chemistry. The comprehensive notes are structured in such a way that the student, can progress through the syllabus independently.

What are the benefits of Unit 3 VCE chemistry notes?

(1) Very thorough and detailed notes

Unlike other study guides, the Academy Plus notes spend great detail explaining every topic carefully and thoroughly. For example rather than summarising what volumetric analysis is, Academy Plus notes go through all the steps of a titration, define all key words, progress through fully work step-by-step examples and also give you hints for your SAC or exam.
In fact are notes are so detailed that they could form an entire textbook – simply focusing on unit 3 alone.

(2) Easy to understand

Are tutors are passionate in teaching students to understand VCE chemistry rather than simply accept it. Our notes are detailed because they form the framework necessary to understand the subject. In order to understand a subject properly you need to know the details. Simply understanding the bigger picture of a subject, does not necessarily mean that you know how to apply it. VCAA usually focuses on details within their exams. Multiple-choice questions are usually very specific- in such cases having a broad knowledge of the subject is not the same as having a detailed knowledge of the subject.

Academy Plus notes are easy to understand because we want our students to improving the chemistry. We keep the notes as simple as possible, so that students don’t have to spend hours of their time demystifying what they have learnt.

(3) Saves precious time

Academy Plus notes are a detailed and buses student does not need to spend time on the rewriting their own notes. Students can begin to focus on practice exams and answering questions, rather than making a detailed set of notes. Answering questions is the best way to prepare fee of VCE exams. This way, students can focus on their exam timing, exam accuracy and communication skills within the subject.

(4) Great value

For only $49.95 including GST and postage, the Academy Plus notes are definitely a great tool and reference book to have throughout your semester. This study guide weighs over 1 kg and is a substantial and generous amount of material making it very cost-effective.

How can you order Academy Plus VCE chemistry notes?

If you would like to purchase Academy Plus notes you can purchase them online by visiting the product page. Payment can be made through PayPal however you can also order them online by filling out an enquiry form and then paying through bank deposit, cash, money order or check.

Will you have VCE chemistry notes for unit 4?

Yes we also have the unit 4 VCE chemistry notes. However these will only be available by the end of June 2012.

Does Academy Plus have any other notes for VCE subjects?

We are currently working on Methods Unit 3/4 notes however they are not available at the moment. Methods notes should be available by the beginning of 2013.

Are these notes available in bookshops?

No. At the moment Academy Plus material is only available from our website or through eBay. We do not sell our products at local schools or educational bookshops.

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