Top 7 ways of keeping sane during VCE

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Are you worried about tackling VCE? Have you heard stories about how difficult VCE can be in terms of stress levels, work load and importance? Do you worry that you will become overwhelmed by the demands of VCE and not be able to handle it? Well, the good news is that VCE doesn’t have to be such a horrible and stressful experience. In fact by following some crucial steps you may be able to begin to enjoy you final years of high school! So let’s look at 7 ways of how you can stay sane during the VCE!

(1) Value your basic needs

If you don’t get enough basic needs such as sleep, proper diet, rest and exercise – it will be particularly difficult to remain in balance throughout the VCE. Balance is such an important factor during VCE – because without it you will find that you can burn out and lose motivation rapidly. Students that start their VCE year with too much intensity can lose energy for the rest of the year. It is best to simply value yourself and your right to basic needs. Don’t neglect sleep or substitute it with coffee – you will become tired and indifferent to your studies for long term if you do this!

(2) Learn relaxation and meditation techniques – and actually practice them!

Read about how to remain calm and centred. This state can be achieved even in the midst of chaos. Students often say “I don’t have enough time to meditate or just sit pointlessly!” what these students don’t realise is that meditation is not a waste of time! It is a method of improving the quality of your time. Meditation not only relaxes your body and reduces stress, but it also allows you to become centred and more focused. When we don’t meditate we become distracted by our thoughts and problems, our minds become scattered and we get carried away by petty and usually unimportant things. Individuals that meditate become more centred – they find inner stability and don’t get carried away by their thoughts and problems.

(3) Boost your confidence

Feeling anxious and scared throughout your VCE is often a sign of low confidence. Give your confidence a boost by changing yourself definitions. Challenge limiting beliefs and tags that you have accepted – for example if you believe that “I suck at Chemistry” ask yourself when you accepted this idea, why and what purpose it serves. Is it empowering? Or does it affect your marks in a negative way? Change these tags by replacing limiting beliefs with more positive ideas of who you are. It may take a while but it is possible to “re-define”? who you are!

(4) Become effective with your time!

Your time is a gift – it is precious and limited. It doesn’t matter whether you will live to 35 or 85 or 100 either way every hour that goes by is an hour of your life that you will not be able to get back. Realize that your time is not infinite and every moment counts. So why waste time on idle things? If you are studying maximize this time by paying full attention on studying. If you are going out, don’t carry around thoughts about VCE and solve problems in your head but simply enjoy your free time. Be sure to enjoy every moment you have and don’t simply throw away your time!

(5) Always do your best

If you really sincerely do your best, at the end of the year when your ATAR comes out and you will not feel guilty about the number. From the bottom of your heart you will know that you really gave it the best shot you had. So there will be no regrets! In fact it is great to integrate this into your own personal ethos. If you strive for perfection, you will find that there is a lot of resistance in your life. However if you strive for doing the absolute best that you can, you may achieve more than you believed possible.

(6) Stay organized

Write down important due dates and assessment details in your school diary. Keep your work in one folder or exercise book per subject. You will find that being organized saves a lot of time – because you don’t have to search for missing worksheets and other important documents. Staying organized can help you become more efficient because you don’t have to waste time on pointless searching.

(7) Write a personal mission statement

Throughout the VCE, students get tired and some lose sight of their goals. This is perfectly normal – however it doesn’t improve your ATAR! It is better to keep your motivation levels more stable and this can be done by writing a personal mission statement at the commencement of the year. Make sure the VCE statement is realistic to achieve – but still high enough to work for the goal. For example don’t strive for an ATAR of 99.95 if you know that you have been an average student – because you may become discouraged and laugh at yourself in 6 months time. Rather perhaps aim for 85 or even 90, a score that could be achieved but requires discipline, focus and commitment. Give yourself good reasons for why you should achieve your goals. Make sure that they are convincing enough for when you are not motivated! So that you can get re-inspired about your goals again.