8 ways to increase motivation in the VCE

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During the VCE it is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and de-motivated. Particularly during the winter months when days are dark, flu session is in full gear and students are becoming tired due to months of VCE. This is a short list of quotes and ideas that you can use to empower yourself and become motivated once again! Motivation during VCE is a vital foundation to become a successful student.

(1) You have unlimited potential – only your self-image and beliefs limit your potential!

The only thing that prevents you from achieving spectacular goals is how you perceive yourself! The ideas that you have about yourself and the limits that you have imposed on who you are as a student are part of your self-image! Most people with a poor self-image believe that they do not deserve to succeed because they “don’t have what it takes” to succeed. When reflected closely it becomes clear that this is a belief that has been programmed into the student’s mind.
It is particularly important to improve your self-image as a student! Most of you would have heard the saying ;

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words”
“Watch your words, for they become actions”
“Watch your actions, for they become your habits”
“Watch your habits, for they become your character”
“Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”

If you feel like you cannot achieve a high ATAR in your VCE, usually it originated from a single “seed” of thought that you planted in your mind when you were younger. Thoughts can be seen as seeds because overtime, if you nurture, repeat and energize them – they will grow into part of your character! Once the thoughts are persistent they define who you are as a VCE student. Even if you obtain an “excellent mark” during your VCE, if you have a poor self-image you will reason that it was a fluke or that you just happened to be lucky. It is almost impossible that you will be able to achieve great results with a low self-image!

To change your self-image you will need to go to the very root of the thoughts that negatively affect your self-image and erase them. This can be done in various ways – if you would like to learn valuable exercises we recommend that you attend the Academy Plus Student Success Seminar.

(2)You do not need to win to be a champion – a true champion is a person that keeps going and gives it their all, even if they know they will lose!

Let’s face it – everyone loves winning! Winning is a pleasant feeling and everyone likes it. However we live in a world where winning is not always possible. The difference between true champions is whether or not they keep trying even if they are losing! Inspirational people are able to pick themselves up even if they know that the will probably lose. They have the strength and drive to keep trying even if they fail. This is a true champion! People that achieve their goals easily and always get what they want are not necessarily strong. The only time that you really understand the true colours of an individual is when they are disappointed and fail. This is when you can see someone’s true colours.

Do they curl up into a ball and feel sorry for themselves?
Do they blame others for their failure?
Do they become fearful of trying again or changing their strategy?
Do they avoid the situation and run away?

True champions pick themselves up, brush themselves off and keep going. They usually change their strategy because they understand that repeating the same actions will yield the same results. These people recognize that feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t achieve anything productive nor does pointing the finger at external people or events. True champions recognize that they are 100% responsible for themselves including their thought and actions! They also face difficult situations – they do not “run away” from their goals rather they keep focused.

If you look at the bibliographies of successful people it becomes clear that they failed MORE times than any ordinary person. The only reason that they have attained success if because they did not allow this failure to stop them from reaching their goals.

So in the VCE be sure to keep the mentality, spirit and heart of a true champion! Even if you do poorly in a SAC or exam keep going – do not change your goals. If Medicine is what you truly want to study, don’t allow events to discourage you – there are multiple ways of reaching your goals. Your life doesn’t end at one dead end!

(3)Your mind set and attitude reflects how likely you are to attain your goals

Be sure to keep an optimistic attitude throughout your VCE. A positive attitude is incredibly important to maintain because it allows you to remain alert, determined and motivated. Keep your mind open throughout VCE! Have the willingness to learn! Be enthusiastic in your studies! Don’t complain too much! What you will find is that you are more durable then VCE students with a negative attitude. Negativity makes people tired and unwilling to try.

To improve your attitude and mentality you can try the following;
– Read motivational books
– Cover your room with quotes that empower you
– Have positive self-talk
– Find the positive in even boring tasks!

(4)You are in control of your VCE success!

There is no one other than yourself that is responsible for your VCE success! Although your school and your VCE teachers can help, as well as your parents and family – it all comes down to you. There is really no point in blaming other people for your poor marks – Does it help you succeed? Will it change your marks? If not, what is the point of blaming? Usually blaming is a strategy individuals use in order to feel better about themselves and to avoid taking charge of a situation.

It is important that VCE students realize that they have the potential to increase their marks. If they do not understand a concept it is up to them to look for more resources, to ask a teacher or tutor. It is important for VCE students to take responsibility for their own learning because at university level they will have to do this!

Taking responsibility for your actions is not only an attitude important in VCE but an important characteristic to sustain over your entire lifetime. If you analyse the character of any successful individual – they always take complete responsibility for their actions.

(5)Nothing worthwhile is easy to accomplish

If you want to achieve something spectacular be aware that the path will not be easy. This doesn’t means that it is impossible – just keep a realistic view that the path to success is tough. Quite often individuals underestimate the amount of dedication that will be required to achieve a goal. They then get discouraged when challenges arise. Challenges will occur if you want to become successful, this is absolutely natural. The important thing is how you tackle these challenges – do you become overwhelmed and scared or do you fight back?

If you believe that success is easy to achieve you may be discouraged when you face challenges – so keep a realistic outlook and understand that VCE may become tough and turbulent however have faith in your ability to cope.

(6)Never ever lose sight of your goals

There are multiple ways to achieve a goal – just because you don’t achieve what you want during the VCE, it doesn’t mean that you can’t attain your goals. There have been many students that have successfully transferred into their “dream course” at university level. Please do not lose sight of your goals! There are many avenues to success – the path does not have to end after your VCE.

However remember that you will still need to work hard at university level – in order to transfer into a competitive course your marks must still be reasonable. It will not be “easy” to transfer – however with the right attitude at university level and enough work ethic it is very possible to achieve what you really want.

(7)Always try your absolute best!

Even if you are not the “best” VCE student in your class – always try your very best! This is an attitude that will be important to maintain throughout your life. If your personal ethos is to try your best in every task – you will be surprised at the level of success that you can achieve. By trying your absolute best you will feel satisfied with yourself, despite your ATAR score. There will be no regrets at the end of the year because you will have the satisfaction that you truly gave it all you have.

(8)It doesn’t matter what others think of you!

During the VCE your parents, teachers and friends may have already defined who you are as a VCE student. Make sure that you do not believe in their definitions of who you are! Remember that you are capable of achieve almost anything – as long as you believe it. It is tough to disconnect your self-image from others but it is an important characteristic to develop.
Other people can believe whatever they want – as long as you are not influenced by their perceptions and opinions, especially if they do not help you achieve your goals.

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