101 ways to improve your ATAR

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Have you wanted to know what you could do to improve your ATAR? Or how to improve your VCE experience so that you are not constantly struggling? Do you want to become a better student ? Academy Plus has constructed a list of what you can do as a student to improve your ATAR score and make the most out of your VCE experience.

1) Find personal reasons for achieving a high ATAR
2) Define why you should get a high ATAR before you start VCE
3) Decide how you will reward yourself when you achieve the overall, desired ATAR score
4) At the start of the VCE make a plan of how you will motivate yourself even if you are tired and unmotivated
5) Ensure that you balance your life during VCE
6) Learn to be more efficient in VCE
7) Realize that you have the ability to improve your marks, no one else can do it for you!
8) Take responsibility for your marks do not blame your VCE teacher! You can still do well despite your teacher if you really want to.
9) Work smarter not harder
10) Make sure you work enough
11) Do physical exercise everyday!
12) Practice meditation at least 15 minutes a day
13) Do not stop your hobbies during the VCE
14) Invent creative and new ways to study for your VCE
15) Use your free periods to do homework or answering questions – not for social networking
16) Always give questions a solid try before asking for help!
17) Don’t spend too long on a question as you lose efficiency
18) Don’t exaggerate the VCE tutoring
19) Use other resources than your VCE textbook alone
20) Utilize your VCE teachers
21) Completing VCE trail exams for your subject before a test or SAC
22) Understand your VCE teacher and how they expect questions to be answered – they will mark your SAC’s!
23) Do not argue with your VCE teachers – always be respectful towards them and show them that you are willing to learn.
24) Eat a healthy diet during VCE with loads of fruit, veggies, water, lentils and nuts
25) do not overload on coffee or caffeine during VCE
26) Take it easy with sugar – it can affect your mood and cause tiredness
27) During VCE try to eat low GI foods
28) believe in yourself!
29) Interact with people and friends that believe and encourage your during VCE.
30) Avoid complicated relationships during VCE
31) Avoid emotionally draining people during VCE – you need to remain focused and positive!
32) Focus on answering more VCE questions rather than making the “perfect set” of notes
33) Look at the habits of the best VCE students in the class and see what they are doing differently in terms of their work ethic as well as attitude
34) Sleep enough and consistently during year 12
35) Have a back up plan of what you can do if you do not get the ATAR you need
36) Learn to manage your time so you remain an efficient VCE student
37) Build up your self image
38) Be kind to yourself even if you mess up a VCE sac or exam… Don’t beat yourself up!
39) Detach yourself from your marks – you are not your marks or ATAR
40) Realize that even if you don’t get the ATAR you need there are still other options
41) Don’t use #40 as an excuse not to try
42) Practice some NLP exercises for improving confidence during VCE
43) Learn some relaxation techniques for your VCE exams
44) Do enough homework!
45) Stay consistent throughout your VCE year; don’t overdo it otherwise you will burn out
46) Eat foods that improve your immunity throughout the year
47) Question the material you are learning, never accept it passively!
48) Study in a well lit place where there are minimum distractions. Make sure computers, mobile phones and family/friends don’t distract you.
49) Learn to clear your mind
50) Talk to family about your VCE and ATAR score so that they can support you
51) Attend the VCE Expo to remain motivated about your goals
52) Speak to a VCE counsellor if you are feeling stressed or worried about your atar
53) Be sure to research you options carefully
54) Be persistent; don’t allow small mistakes affect you during the VCE
55) Be realistic! If you are not a maths person – don’t force yourself to do VCE specialist
56) Try your best, if you do this you will feel better about you ATAR score
57) Have you VCE and ATAR goals in your room so that you know what you are working for
58) Visualize yourself being confident and “in the flow” when completing your VCE exams
59) Learn to prioritize your tasks
60) Do not rush your VCE exams
61) Always do a fair amount of VCE trail exams for your subject before going into the real exam
62) Make sure you answer all the questions in your VCE exams
63) Be sure to answer the question properly!
64) Do not waste time on basic questions during your VCE, focus on the challenging questions
65) Watch the Academy Plus YouTube tutorials or buy the video course for revision
66) Read your notes in the train, bus or car when travelling long distances to school
67) Do not have all nighters before a VCE exam ; leave that experience for university
68) Do not put yourself down
69) Avoid the panic before a VCE exam, instead practice meditation to maintain calm, confident and positive.
70) Manage your stress so that it is not too high during the VCE
71) Be sure to develop your interpersonal skills too
72) Help other VCE students
73) Practice teaching material to others or yourself to ensure you know it well
74) Ensure that you are very prepared for your VCE exams; if you hesitate to answer questions, you are not well prepared
75) Read the VCE exam questions properly before answering; utilize reading time effectively
76) Find a VCE mentor
77) Make sure you smile, laugh and enjoy your year 12 experience
78) If necessary find a VCE tutor or teacher that you can develop good rapport with and that is an expert in their field
79) Read the free VCE articles that Academy Plus offers
80) Eliminate or lower procrastination
81) Attend an Academy Plus Student Success Seminar
82) For a study group with you friends – it makes studying more fun and interactive
83) Rest if you feel tired – it is not sustainable to push yourself for too long
84) Understand the theory before memorizing!
85) Make mind maps to connect ideas and see the “bigger picture”
86) Do creative activities to keep your mind off the VCE
87) Enjoy and relax during your free time!
88) Develop good memory skills
89) Set out your answers in a neat and logical manner
90) Highlight important questions – these can be practiced at a later date
91) Do not cram!
92) Realize that there is life after VCE, and use VCE as a means to developing good life skills
93) Give yourself a study limit – you should not allocate unlimited time for a task
94) Take supplements and/or eat foods that improve the mind
95) Don’t take bad marks personally – find out why you did poorly and do the opposite for the next SAC.
96) Remain enthusiastic about your subjects – hating them will not improve your marks
97) Stay consistent in your efforts
98) Choose the subjects that you are naturally good at – do not worry too much about scaling
99) Read books on NLP, self-esteem, self-image, leadership – this will be important for your VCE and beyond.
100) Congratulate yourself for completing small efforts too – they build up to make the bigger picture,
101) Be yourself and have remember to have fun during VCE, no matter how challenging it gets – you will look back and see your year 12 as a life changing experience!

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