How to succeed in your VCE?

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How to succeed in your VCE?

VCE is an important period in a student’s life. It is a time in which you will learn (or at least begin to develop) essential life skills that will remain with you even after the VCE is completed. If you really want to succeed in the VCE it is important to consider the following concepts.

(1) Study regularly and consistently in your VCE year;

Cramming in VCE is not a good strategy to study, not only do you put extreme stress on yourself, but you also do not store the information into your long term memory. By studying regularly and consistently in the VCE, you will be saving your valuable time! This is because once your exams approach you will just have to re-read notes to remember the theory, you will not have to spend time “re-learning” the VCE subject curriculum.

(2) Learn how to prioritise in your VCE;

Prioritising is an important skill to learn – in particular when the work begins to pile up and you really do not know how to get started! Learn to do the most important things first and to make a list of the top 10 things that you need to do within the next week or even few days. Once the exams approach – prioritizing becomes even more essential, it is now that you must decide which subject you will focus on. We will be discussing prioritizing in the next article.

(3) It is not all about VCE.

Remember – although the VCE is important, you should avoid being over-consumed in it.By thinking about VCE all the time – your mind can’t focus on absorbing information you must learn! In Zen teachings the guru generally has a snippet of wisdom to share.

If you went to a Zen master and asked for VCE advice – you would generally find that he/she would say “your mind is too full” or the master will begin pouring water into a cup until it flows out. If your mind is full about VCE expectations including your desire to do well in VCE and your worries and fears about the future – then you will not be able to perform well because your mind is not focusing on what is needed for you to improve the marks!

To prevent being overly consumed in VCE it is important to have some hobbies, a close network of friends and to remember to relax! Yes VCE is important, yes that ATAR score will be released at the end of the year… however this doesn’t mean that it is all about VCE! Remember you are the vehicle that will take you to your VCE success, therefore you deserve to have a life too and not just live for your goals! Meditation and exercise are great ways to clear the mind. More on this soon.

(4) Get enough sleep and eat proper foods for you VCE journey.

You will not be able to get far on a diet of M&M’s and less then 5 hours of sleep – and believe me coffee is not a suitable substitute for sleep. Be sure to have about 7-8 hours of sleep. You can theoretically sleep for 7 hours per night and still function well in your VCE year – but this should be consistent. Most students sleep for 6-7 hours a night on weekdays and then sleep in for 10-11 hours on the weekend. This is not very healthy because your body cannot adjust to the sleeping patterns and therefore remains tired.

Eating healthy foods is also an important habit. It is advised that you eat vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and other empowering foods with a low GI rating. This ensures that your energy levels are balanced and that you do not have spikes in your mood – this is very important for your VCE (and life in general). We will be publishing more articles about this topic soon.

(5) Become an independent learner

The best students are those that can help themselves if they do not understand the theory. There are many ways to give yourself an advantage in the VCE, but one of the most powerful ways is to be “aggressive” in your learning. If you do not understand something there are many ways to find an answer – you can surf the web, ask on a forum, look in a different textbook or even hire a VCE tutor… remember it is up to you how you will find the answers! This is a very important skill to learn for your university studies.

There are many more useful strategies that you may use in order to increase the level of success in VCE – in the next articles we will be going into more depth about strategies you can take to increase your ATAR.