NLP motivation for VCE

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NLP can help you as a VCE student!

Motivation is a critical factor in VCE. There are times when everything seems hard and gloomy. These feelings happen to most students at certain times throughout the year. So if you feel hopeless and can’t be bothered to do anymore work, this exercise is for you!

1) Think of a time in the past when you were very inspired and motivated – it doesn’t have to be VCE related.

Remind yourself;
i) What did you feel like? Are you able to re-stimulate these feelings now?
ii) What was your breathing like?
iii) What was your posture like?

For about 10 mins – imagine that you are living in this situation right now. Just enjoy being immersed in this highly motivated state.

2) Now imagine seeing a two images of you – mind split.

Image 1 is your motivated and inspired self. It is the image of you at your absolute best, peak self. Image 2 on the other hand, is the bored, tired and demotivated self. Notice how the one which is motivated is growing in size and getting brighter.

Also notice that the de-motivated one is fading away and getting darker because all the light is entering into the motivated frame.

3) Feel the changes in your body.

The motivated reality is getting stronger whereas the de-motivated image is disappearing from your view. Soon your body receives a surge of energy (like recharging a mobile phone). The longer you feel the changes within your body the more energy you get. You start feeling very inspired towards your work and positive about your goals.

4) Check if the feeling lasts.

NLP is not a process that takes a large amount of time to cause positive effects, in fact NLP done correctly can cause immediate change in your brain. It is the ‘reprogramming’ of your brain loops, and therefore you should feel change almost instantly.

If you do not feel an increase in motivation be sure to truly feel the inspiration/motivation of a past event strongly. This will be best done when there is a quiet environment and you are completely alone.