Reasons to excel in VCE

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There are many reasons that you may choose to do well in VCE. Remember that choosing valid reasons to perform well in the VCE is very important to remain motivated and “on the ball” throughout your VCE year. Choosing a valid reason will motivate you and give you reasons to do your homework – even if you do not feel like it.

(1) If you do well in VCE you will save your money!

University degrees cost money! Although you may not be paying upfront, maybe you will be having HECs or FEE HELP – but eventually you will have to pay, and this will pick up interest over time. By doing one course in order to get into a “more desirable” course in the future is a waste of time and money – if it is possible to just get in after VCE.
For example Sam wants to do Engineering – he is a bright student but very lazy VCE student. Sam claims that he doesn’t have to try in the VCE because he can just do Science, whereas to do Engineering directly he would have to get an ATAR of 90+ and that would be really hard work. Think about it though…. Is it better to get extra VCE tutoring now and work really hard and remain hard working throughout just one VCE year? Or is it better getting a 75, going into Science spending up to 3 years of time studying and then moving into Engineering? I think Sam needs to consider how valuable time is – doing a course for 3 years and then starting what you really want to do is a huge commitment. That adds to 7 years of study unlike 4 years… given that he is 18 when he goes to university, Sam will be 25 by the time he finished the two degrees, compared to 22 if he just does Engineering. This is important because within the 3 years he could already be working as an engineer – building up his experience and reducing his university debts fast, unless Sam really wants to do Science choosing to do Science is a waste of time and money.

Another thing to consider is, will Sam get enough marks at University to get into Engineering. Internal transfer still requires a minimum mark – and the moment you start a degree the University will be looking at your course marks to decide if you can transfer. University is tougher than school because there is a lot more content to learn. Do you think Sam will be able to put up with the demands of University, if he can’t be bothered trying hard in VCE? The likelihood is very small.

The point is, if you know it is possible to get into your first preference straight away – absolutely commit yourself to succeeding in the VCE. But if the ATAR is too high, and not very realistic for you personally (maybe a 99.30 and above) then do consider taking a full fee option or transferring into a very closely compatible course.

(2) Keeping your options open by getting an excellent VCE score.

Some VCE students really do not know what they want to achieve after they finish school. As a VCE student – you may need to have some time to discover about yourself. Sometimes in life we are so busy, that we don’t really have time to sit down and think about our purpose. This is why you should do well in the VCE! Because you never truly know whether you will change your mind about your direction in life. For example, maybe you decide in the second year of university, that you do not really want to study science you want to study pharmacy or law. Suddenly that VCE score becomes very important. If you apply through VTAC, then that VCE score will determine whether or not you will receive a position.

Although you may not need your VCE score now, you may need it in the future. Save yourself from the feeling of regret – and just excel in VCE when you still have a chance to do it!

(3) A better VCE score can open the door to better employment;

So you want to get a job. What are employers looking for? Well businesses want to hire people that are committed to what they do. Employers look for individuals that are able to give value to the company and that are responsible and hard working. You can use your VCE score for your advantage, with a high ATAR score you open up more doors in employment opportunities. Obviously this is not the only way to get a job, however it certainly is a factor to consider.

With some employment, for example VCE tutoring, you will be directly asked about your study scores as well as VCE ATAR score. If you receive a low score than already VCE tutoring will not be an easy pathway to take, because higher qualified tutors are available. This is only one of the many examples that exist.

(4) VCE teaches you important life skills.

VCE is a stressful time for almost all students. This is the perfect time when you will learn about time management, stress management, how to work under pressure, how to balance your tasks and how to stay positive even when times get tough. VCE is a perfect “teacher” because it helps students develop countless positive characteristics throughout the experience. Even though VCE tends to get difficult, the overall skills you learn as a result, prepare you for everyday life – especially if you decide to go to university after VCE is completed.

(5) VCE is a challenge.

This was always the reason why I wanted to excel in VCE. I enjoy a challenge and love to explore my personal boundaries (if they even exist). I really thrive of challenging times – just the same as I thrive of coffee! For me VCE was the ultimate challenge, when I was 17 anyway. If you are one of those people that love testing yourself and your “limits” than you will probably find that your will naturally want to excel in VCE. Remember that you make the conscious decision about how you perform in the VCE. The choice is ultimately yours! In fact success in general is basically a string of choices you decide to make for yourself. The results come after you make the conscious choice – so choose wisely about how you wish to perform in the VCE.

(6) Excel in VCE, and it will help you in your university studies.

The habits that you develop in the VCE will help you at university. No matter how great your VCE study skills are at the moment – you will need to modify it for university… however you can build a good foundation within the VCE. Remember that at university you will need to learn how to balance your time among many different responsibilities – learning it during your VCE will give you a big advantage at uni.

(7) Finish off your education with style!

You have spent almost all your life at school – well since prep anyway. Most of your time has gone into school. In fact if you want a real amount of time spent at school if would be approximately 3000 days at school – which adds to 21,645 hours of school! This is a massive amount of time. If time is something that you value, this alone will be a very strong reason to do well in VCE. You may as well do the VCE properly because you have already devoted so much time to your education!

There are many reasons why you may want to succeed in the VCE. I recommend that you make your own personal reasons and write a VCE mission statement. It is very easy to remain motivated in VCE if you know where you are heading. You would not generally get into a car and drive around aimlessly, it is amazing how many people decide to “drive around aimlessly” in their lives. I advice that you make a commitment to write a VCE mission statement and stick it on your wall so that it is always a reminder about what you want from your VCE experience.

– By Izabella Bratek