Should I repeat VCE ?

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Many VCE students consider retaking VCE as an option. In this article will be looking at the pros and cons of repeating VCE and whether it is really worth it. Some students to decide to retake a subject again in year 12 after being unsatisfied with their study score in year 11. Other students look at the option of repeating their VCE year.

When is it a good idea to repeat VCE?

(1) If you are severely sick throughout the year;

If a student is sick throughout their final year of school it is usually a good idea to repeat VCE again. Having an illness during VCE will not help you accomplish as much as other students can – and you definitely cannot work at the same level as you can when you’re healthy. In other words, you are not working at full potential. VCE is tough enough, most students should be healthy due to the amount of stress and pressure that they are placed under during the year. Although you can apply for special consideration, it is usually detrimental to put yourself through all the stress of VCE. Particularly when dealing with illnesses such as glandular fever which can cause chronic fatigue throughout the year. Be sure to talk to your school counsellor as well as your parents if you do not feel healthy enough to cope with VCE.

(2) If you are emotionally unable to cope throughout the year;

It is usually a good idea to repeat VCE if you found yourself struggling with personal problems and/or emotional problems. Such cases include prolonged depression, eating disorders and other personal family problems that prevent you from focusing on the VCE. When facing severe emotional problems as a student you cannot work at full capacity. If your ATAR is an important hurdle, and you need to achieve a high score – it is particularly important that you remain alert, balanced and positive throughout the year.

(3) If you really performed badly in the VCE and can’t enter any university course.

If you’ve always wanted to go to university and you find that your ATAR isn’t high enough to enter a course -you may wish to repeat VCE. If you are able to enter a course at university level it is recommended that you go to university and then apply for a transfer – universities are usually less strict about what marks you have to attain to transfer into another course. However make sure you really analyse your habits in the previous year and how you will change your attitude towards VCE in the next year. You may wish to reflect upon your interpersonal skills, study habits and motivational levels and how they were detrimental to succeeding in the VCE.

It is usually not a good idea to repeat VCE without reflecting upon you previous year. If you have an absolute desire to change the student, to treat your studies more seriously – than perhaps it is recommended to repeat VCE. However students that repeat VCE do not necessarily perform better the next time they try. This is because a significant reason behind why the student didn’t succeed is due to poor work habits – so be sure to be as honest as possible with yourself if you are considering this option.

When is it not a good idea to repeat the VCE?

(1) If your ATAR is high enough to get into university

If you perform well at university level, you will be able to transfer courses. For example if you really want to study Medicine at Monash University, and your ATAR is only 92.50 it is not advised that you repeat year 12. There is no guarantee that in the next year you will get a 99.50 as your ATAR. A better option would be to apply for Biomedical Science and then try to transfer into Medicine.

(2) If you are unwilling change your work ethic or attitude

If you believe that you will repeat VCE but not reflect upon ways to change or attitude, work ethic or study skills – you should not waste your time. It will be very difficult to fluke your way through VCE, having the same mentality as the previous year and expecting different results. So make sure that you have the willingness to change, and the willpower to turn this willingness into action.

(3) If you do not like or get along with the year 11’s!

Being isolated during the VCE can cause a lot of resistance in your studies. By not being able to interact well with other students – your whole network of support is broken. Many students that repeat VCE find that they miss their friends from the previous year. The last thing that you need as a VCE student is to feel isolated and unsupported throughout this tough year.

Make sure you speak to your school counsellor to get more advice about whether you should repeat year 12. Please consider and reflect upon whether your attitude towards school can change and whether or not you will actually behave differently when you get a second chance.

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