8 ways to improve in VCE Chemistry

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Is VCE Chemistry becoming a painful experience? Are you beginning to dread VCE Chemistry classes or are you rapidly beginning to lose motivation in the subject? Are study times becoming periods of denial or torture? What can you do to quickly transform your attitude towards VCE Chemistry – and perhaps even begin to enjoy the experience?!?

(1) Change your attitude

Firstly, it is almost impossible to succeed in an area of you have negative emotions or attitude towards it. If you find that you are beginning to disliking a subject don’t take it too personally. There simply must be something you have not understood within the subject due to poor communication or listening. It is ok though this can be fixed. Although it will take work to catch up, it is possible to improve! An effective way to change your attitude is to ask yourself how you would feel if you were an excellent chemistry student. What kind of feelings would you have during chemistry? How would these feelings influence your attitude towards chemistry? Most students that “love”? a subject are actually good at it. Most people begin to enjoy a project or subject once they feel capable in it.

(2) Understand the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a simple concept that links thoughts to results. It is basically a “law”? that is developed on a very old concept – simply that your thoughts become your belief systems and eventually your results. So watch what thoughts you energize about your ability in VCE Chemistry.

  • Do you think that you are an inferior student and that you will never be as good as “John Smith” because John Smith is “a genius”?
  • Do you believe that you are not a good VCE Chemistry student because talented chemistry students are born smart?
  • Do you think your VCE chemistry teacher is “out to get you”??
  • Do you feel threatened by chemistry homework because you have decided you don’t have the talent for chemistry?

How will these thoughts affect you belief systems? If you energize these thoughts over time, they will enter your subconscious mind. This is because the conscious mind can only focus on a limited amount of data at a time. The subconscious mind is a huge storage for thoughts and information. What is important is to realize that your belief systems will define who you are as a person and student. Belief systems can limit your full potential or can set you free. You can change you belief system by changing your thoughts about what you can accomplish in VCE chemistry.

(3) Be committed

To improve in VCE chemistry you will have to work hard! Be prepared to study about 1 hour a day for VCE chemistry – even if you don’t have homework. Set your own work! Make a decision to attempt practice questions that are challenging (and actually do them). Taking correct action is very important for succeeding in any goal you set! You won’t get very far in life if you simply think positive but don’t do any action to achieve results!

(4) Find a capable VCE chemistry tutor

Yes, we are a tutoring company and obviously it is our business to provide tutoring – however we recommend tutoring even if you don’t select our tutors. Why? Because with the right VCE chemistry tutor they will be able to provide great notes and questions that are different to your textbook. It is great to have a diverse range of questions to practice. This way your experience of VCE chemistry is broader and you will become more confident with answering questions. A good VCE chemistry tutor can also inspire and motivate you in the subject – you remain on track with your Chemistry. This can increase your confidence levels and improve your marks.

(5) Complete practice exams under exam conditions

To improve in chemistry you need to practice your timing and accuracy in answering questions. A common problem during VCE chemistry is that students do not have enough time to finish the exam – their exam time management is poor due to insufficient practice. It is a shame to see students run out of time, especially the ones that could answer the missed exam question they had more sufficient time. It is very important to practice as many VCE chemistry exams under exam conditions. This way you can work on your timing as well as your speed in answering chemistry questions.

(6) Learn to use your data book!

It is surprising how many students do not understand how to use the VCE chemistry data book and waste time learning formulas that can be easily found within the data book. Be sure to use the data book throughout the year so that you have a good understanding of what information is contained within it.

(7) Make sure you express answers in the correct significant figures, scientific notation and the correct states.

Examiners will take off marks when they see that you are not writing your final answer in terms of significant figures. Also be sure to round off to the correct amount of significant figures only at the end of your answer. Throughout your calculations, you should be using the most accurate answer and carrying this throughout the question until you obtain an answer. If this answer is very small or large – you should also put it into scientific notation. Also be sure to put the correct states into your balanced chemical reactions as this is also something that the VCE chemistry assessors look at when correcting your work!

(8) Learn from your mistakes

If you have gotten a question wrong – be sure to learn from it! Circle the question for future reference (when you are revising). Find out exactly where you went wrong in the question and why your approach was incorrect. Make sure you know exactly what you did incorrectly so that it stays in your long term memory!