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Maryam Bassirat

I believe in inspiring students to become independent and confident learners. This can be achieved by using simple teaching techniques that stimulates student's curiosity and yet having patience for when they face challenging situations.

15+ Years Experience $50.00 Per Hour

Izabella Bratek

I am an enthusiastic, friendly and patient tutor with 12 years of VCE tutoring experience. I have taught a number of VCE high achievers and also helped students significantly improve their marks.

10+ Years Experience $60.00 Per Hour

Lindsay Coleman

I have been teaching and tutoring now for 11 years. I have presented in universities such as Harvard and Brandeis, and have had two academic anthologies published by Scarecrow Press and IB Tauris.

Alex De Foe

Tutoring in Psychology, Counselling, Social Work and related fields at VCE, undergrad and postgrad level. I also offer proofreading services for all written assessments and projects.

$50.00 Per Hour

Robert Jacobson

I have taught/ tutored to VCE Maths (Yr 12), including RMIT, for 6 years. Also I have been an integration aide, and have been successful in helping students who have experienced difficulty with maths.

5+ Years Experience $40.00 Per Hour

Eugene Pakhomov

Recent Monash University graduate with Commerce (Finance)/ Engineering (Mechanical) double degree. Scholarship recipient for the duration of the course. But most importantly a great communicator!

$50.00 Per Hour

Viji Radha

I teach from my heart, always with the clear intention of serving my students so they can score as close to 40 as possible; the average mark for last year's batch was between 35 - 40. It gives me the greatest feeling of joy to groom my students into becoming critical thinkers, readers and writers.

15+ Years Experience $55.00 Per Hour

Shweta Ramkumar

I have a passion for teaching and enjoy interacting with students, building a good rapport with them, helping them with their difficulties in studies, bringing out the best in their educational experience, imparting the knowledge I have acquired at school and university to them.

5+ Years Experience $40.00 Per Hour

Terry Volbrecht

I have extensive experience of tutoring at secondary and tertiary levels. I encourage students to develop understanding of assigned tasks and how they approach these.

40+ Years Experience $50.00 Per Hour

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