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Academy plus offers VCE chemistry classes in 2012. Many students and parents in the past have asked specific questions about VCE chemistry classes. These include the following; What are the benefits of attending the classes? Are classes better or worse than private tutoring? How are Academy Plus VCE Unit 3 Chemistry Classes different to school classes?
What are the limitations of attending VCE chemistry classes? What benefits to students get by attending Academy Plus VCE chemistry classes? How is the VCE chemistry class set up? In this article we will be answering all the above questions so that you as a student or parent can decide whether or Academy plus VCE chemistry classes are suitable for you.

The benefits of attending Academy Plus VCE Chemistry Classes

1) Structured to 10 week program which completes the VCE chemistry syllabus by end of April

Academy plus VCE chemistry classes follow a specific 10 week program which progresses through the entire VCE Unit 3 chemistry syllabus. This program allows teaching to be structured, efficient and effective. Chemistry unit 3 is a very long course, high schools usually struggle in finishing the syllabus before June exams. Most high schools finish the program by the end of May. This is insufficient time and as a result students cannot revise adequately. The Academy plus VCE chemistry course is set up into a 10 week program which enables the completion of the course by the end of April. This gives students a clear advantage, because they have enough time to complete trial exams and revision questions. Academy Plus allows students to prepare by providing practice exams and revision questions until the June exams.

2) Interactive teaching style and ability to connect to other students

At Academy plus, we believe that learning should be fun – not a chore. Our teachers interact well with students and keep classes interactive and dynamic so that students remain alert and ready to learn. Academy plus teachers aim at using all three senses for teaching including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – this ensures that students obtain maximum benefit from the lectures. In order to learn something effectively it is best to use all three senses as this will retain in memory of students for a longer time. Students will also be able to interact and connect with other students, this is beneficial as it usually motivates individuals to work harder. It can also broaden their understanding of the topic, by seeing how other students work out problems.

3) Professional teaching

Our VCE chemistry teachers are devoted individuals that are passionate about allowing students to understand this challenging subject. Our teachers aim at allowing students to understand rather than accept. Teachers encourage students to ask questions and to think critically instead of passively. As mentioned before our teachers focus on communicating to students through the three senses. This enables students to develop a deeper understanding of VCE chemistry. Our teachers also encourage students to try the questions themselves to ensure that students are more involved in the learning process.

4) Fully comprehensive notes

Each Academy plus student will receive comprehensive notes about the topic covered at the beginning of every lesson. These notes have a retail price of $49.95 and are available for purchase on the Academy plus website. Students will also receive PowerPoint presentations that are used during the lesson. The Academy plus notes progress through the entire syllabus without missing important details. They aim at developing a deeper understanding of VCE unit 3 Chemistry.

5) Extra support outside class

Academy plus VCE chemistry classes also offer exceptional student support. Students can get help through Skype or e-mail outside of class. They also receive homework sheets that can increase their understanding of the topic taught.

Are classes better or worse than private tutoring?

This depends on the individual student. If the student is shy and reserved they may find it difficult to interact in a class setting. In such cases we recommend private tutoring as good rapport can be built between the student and teacher. Also for students that are struggling currently with chemistry – it is better to organize an Academy Plus tutor to assess the student and to give you recommendations whether the classes would be beneficial or not.

This question is difficult to answer in a black and white manner because every student has a different preference when it comes to learning. A class setting is not always better and worse when it comes to learning, nor is private tutoring – it is simply based on the characteristics of the student.

Classes can be beneficial because they allow critical thinking – in such cases the student needs to be alert because they will have to perform the question themselves. On the other hand, private tutoring sometimes results in the tutor completing questions for the student – while the student sits passively and obtains very little benefit from the lesson. This is obviously not always the case, but it shows that there are times when private tutoring is not more effective.

Classes are usually more affordable than private tutoring. Academy Plus classes usually cost $50 for a 2 hour session. There are very few tutors these days that charge $25 /hour for VCE teaching and even if you find such tutors they do not have the same level of experience as Academy Plus teachers.

How are Academy Plus VCE Unit 3 Chemistry Classes different to school classes?

At school teachers usually deal with 20-30 students. These students are friends and are usually comfortable in their environment. This causes students to get easily distracted by their surroundings. Also classes usually are only 45 minutes long which doesn’t give enough time to work through questions as a class and then individually. Academy Plus classes are designed to teach the essentials for the exams without getting distracted by experiments and labs. Our teachers ensure that the syllabus is taught at an effective rate so that it is finished by 10 weeks. Also students usually pay more attention because they are in a different environment and are in a smaller classroom of students that really want to improve their VCE Chemitry skills. In summary the Academy Plus VCE Chemistry Classes are different to school classes because the teaching is more effective with minimal distractions and in a small classroom of students that care about their learning.

What are the limitations of attending VCE chemistry classes?

The biggest limitation is matching up the different level of students and ensuring that the learning pace is manageable for every student. Therefore it is recommended for students that have received poor marks for VCE Chemistry to consider private tutoring. Another option is to attend a VCE Chemistry Class and to assess personally if it is difficult to keep up. If a student is too advanced, it may also be beneficial to obtain a private tutor – this way the tutor can customize the syllabus to be more challenging.

What benefits to students get by attending Academy Plus VCE chemistry classes?

  • Professional teaching
  • Full Comprehensive Notes
  • Weekly Questions
  • 10 week program which progresses through the official VCE syllabus
  • Interaction with other students
  • Outside class support

How is the VCE chemistry class set up?

For more information about VCE Chemistry classes and the official program, as well as cost details and location, please click here.

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