Tutoring Services

At Academy Plus we offer a range of different tutoring styles – we can accomadate your every need. Our tutoring methods/styles include, but are not limited to;

Library/Class Based Tuition

This tutoring is held at local libraries close to your home or in our Berwick class. This is perfect for students that find it difficult to study at home.

Home Based Tuition

For a small extra fee, Academy Plus tutors will be able to travel to your home. This offers the comfort of omitting travel, particularly if the parents are unable to travel to the tutor. Our professionals can travel to most areas within Melbourne.

Online Tuition

This is a very new method of tutoring that has grown in popularity over the past 5 years. Academy Plus is currently offering online tutoring. Online tuition is done through computer where the tutor and student can interact through microphone and an interactive whiteboard. Online tutoring is beneficial for students who cannot travel to the centre and their requested tutor can’t travel to them. The lesson can be recorded and therefore the student will have access to it even during revision!