I have been tutored by Academy Plus tuition for two years for maths methods, general maths and biology and I found it very helpful and stress free. I had absolute trust in my tutor’s capabilities and loved the way she was able to explain things to me and support me throughout my VCE. I would strongly recommend their services to every student undertaking VCE studies!
Ksenja; Berwick

Definitely something for people who are serious about obtaining a high ATAR and/or passionate about learning in general. Not only did extra tuition help me understand and further consolidate the concepts learnt at school but it also expanded my knowledge beyond what was taught in class. This left me with an advantage in school to also do much better than classmates who didn’t have extra tuition. I know the stereotypical label of tutoring is generalised for those who are struggling or for the “Asians” who are too overly keen, but at Academy Plus, the environment definitely doesn’t feel like a jail-like claustrophobic torturing chamber, as some tutoring centres can be but it feels more so like an environment of bonding, whereby tutors who’ve been through VCE or are very familiar with the VCE curriculum can provide a warm and cosy network of support for students such as myself, who simply want to understand hard concepts in a simplified and easily taught approach. Some of us just want tutors who can help us ace our VCE exams and provide us with the best tips and hints for succeeding in our examinations, and @ academy plus this was the quality service that I received. I highly recommend anyone who is remotely interested in doing well in VCE not just for the scores but for their future UNI degrees to sign up and get cracking for 2011’s year of VCE battle ;D cheers!” -Jen; Springvale South

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