Student Success Seminar

Develop the skills to master your VCE in 2013!

VCE is an important time in almost every student’s life and it is more than simply going to school and/or getting high quality VCE tutoring. A large portion of success in VCE will be caused by your self-image, character and study skills. The difference between a good and excellent student is found in interpersonal skills such as time management, stress management, high self-esteem, solid confidence and maintaining a positive balance.

The Academy Plus Student Success Seminar is an important event for any VCE or HSC student wishing to make a difference in their ATAR. During this intense 8-hour seminar students will learn helpful exercises that they can apply during their VCE – in order to reduce stress, increase efficiency and maximize their marks!

Nowadays, to be an excellent student isn’t so much about how “smart” you are or how high your IQ is. The important factors of success in VCE and in any life goal are your interpersonal skills. Your attitude and self-image as a person and student will determine the level of personal success you can attain. These characteristics of success and personal beliefs are often overlooked – the focus is usually on theory, mathematical equations and essays.

It is time that students begin to question their habits, belief systems, study habits and their definitions of “who they are” as a student and person. Education is usually too focused on mathematical equations, writing essays, analysing novels, balancing chemical reactions and memorizing definitions. Very little focus is given on developing as people and learning leadership skills as well as coping with personal problems and challenges.

It is Academy Plus’ mission to develop another dimension to education in Australia by focusing not only on academic subjects but also devoting time for interpersonal development of all Australian youth.

During the Student Success Seminar students will learn the following;

  • the importance of self-image
  • how to re-wire your self-image
  • exercises on increasing personal confidence
  • the importance of respecting yourself during VCE
  • time management skills
  • goal setting
  • developing effective study skills
  • elimination of bad habits such as procrastination, de-motivation, disorganization
  • benefits of meditation and relaxation
  • developing excellent exam skills
  • improving memory
  • becoming an efficient student
  • visualization exercises
  • empowering yourself
  • how to cope with negative feelings, emotions and failures
  • problems in tackling exams
  • tools and exercises you can use throughout your life!


Can I attend a VCE Success Seminar if I am not a year 11 or year 12?

Yes. We accept non VCE students at the event – however the majority of the event will be focused on the VCE so be sure to learn about the system before coming to the seminar. This will ensure that you benefit from the seminar.

Will notes and materials be given on the day?

Yes. Academy Plus will provide each student with a full comprehensive manual on the day of the event.

I am a parent, can I come too?

Yes – we recommend that parents attend the seminar as well. It is important for parents to be a part of this seminar as well. Parents that come with their child apply for a 10% discount.

What do I have to bring?

  • Pens
  • Exercise book/note pad
  • Lunch/snacks
  • Enthusiasm!

How can I book and pay?

If you would like an Academy Plus event at your school, you should contact us on Payment can be done by check or bank transfer.

Payment Details

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