Private Tutoring

Looking for quality private tutoring?

Academy Plus Education specializes in connecting you to the very best tutors – Victoria wide. Our tutors are selected based on their experience, enthusiasm for teaching and exceptional communication skills. Check out our tutor database for current tutors available in 2013, or alternatively fill in the enquiry box on the left hand side of our site and we will connect you with a tutor in no time!

Why choose Academy Plus Education?

Unlike finding tutors on the internet or in local newspapers, Academy Plus Education is a reliable company which connects you to experienced professionals with verified credentials. Below are the top five reasons for choosing a private tutor from Academy Plus:

1. Learn more about the tutor

Each of our tutors have extensive information about themselves as well as their experience in the subject taught. Our database is customized so that you can choose a tutor based on their experience, location or price.

2. Easy to contact the tutor

Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the tutor’s profile and they will email you shortly. Want to speak directly to the tutor? Provide your phone number within the email and they will give you a call as soon as possible.

3. Our tutors have verified credentials

Our tutors have been interviewed by the Academy Plus team and their credentials and qualifications have been verified. This gives parents the reassurance that their child is receiving high quality and honest assistance. Academy Plus takes out the hassle and uncertainty of hiring a tutor. We understand that it may be time consuming for a parent to find quality tutors with substantial experience – so our task is to find such tutors and connect them to parents.

4. No contracts and pay as you go

Our services require no contracts or upfront payments – payment can be made at the conclusion of each lesson. Receipts will be provided by the tutor at the conclusion of each session. We are also flexible if a student wishes to change their tutor – perhaps the student does not have strong rapport with the tutor? No problem, our company aims to find the very best tutor for every student and their personalized needs.

5. Wide range of tutoring styles and subjects

Academy Plus tutors deliver a wide range of tutoring styles including home visits, library meetings, online tutoring and small group sessions. Our tutors also specialize in a wide range of subjects including primary school subjects, special needs, secondary school subjects, VCE, IB, UMAT, GAMSAT as well as tertiary.

How to get started?

Please visit the tutor database or alternatively fill out the enquiry form on the left hand side of the webpage. Alternatively you may call us on 0401305399 or email