Online tutoring

This is one of the fastest growing services in Australia. Online tutoring is a very effective way of receiving help – and not even moving from the house! Image being able to receive tutoring from your computer. This is a reality that is now possible.

What is possible with online tutoring?

Anything! This is just as flexible as having a 1:1 tutoring session at home. Many students prefer this service as they can receive tutoring from the best tutors! No matter where they live. Most students do not find online tutoring significantly different to home tutoring – the level of interaction between student and teacher is exactly the same.

1) Interactive communication between tutor and student

The live interface provides a very interactive tutoring session. The student will be able to ask questions and receive live responses. A whiteboard can be seen on your computer screen and the tutor can write examples on the board – just as in class! The lessons can be recorded and saved (for later revision). This allows the student to revise the lesson whenever necessary.

2) Receive tutoring from professional tutors, that cannot travel to your home

Sometimes there are very experienced tutors that may live too far from your home therefore it may not always be possible that these tutors travel to your home due to distance/availability. It may be possible to arrange online tutoring with this professional therefore distance is no longer a concern! Perhaps you live in the rural Victoria and cannot travel to a tutor’s home – in these cases online tutoring is very convenient.

3) Whiteboard/writing pad

The tutor can draw illustrations and diagrams on the interactive whiteboard located on the online interphase. This is similar to having access to your own personal classroom! Students can also interact on this interphase for example they can work on an algebra problem, while the tutor monitors their progress.

4) Easy to ask questions or being more assertive

Some students dislike admitting that they do not understand what the tutor is explaining – now with a simple click of a button, the student can signal that they do not understand a topic. Moreover the student will be able to signal for the tutor to slow down/speed up without feeling uncomfortable!

5) Able to easily send files to the tutor

This interphase allows students to send files to the tutor, or vice versa. Thus it means that the tutor can view the student’s work and assignments almost immediately!

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How to get started?

Please visit the tutor database and search for tutors that offer an online service or alternatively fill out the enquiry form on the left hand side of the webpage. Alternatively you may call us on 0401305399 or email

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