The power of your mind and VCE

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The human mind is truly an amazing and powerful tool, with over 100 billion neurons and capable of storing city’s worth of information, it is unbelievable. But with any powerful tool, it can give you the power to succeed or the power to destroy – which is what we will be discussing in this article.

The mind can become your best friend, or your worse nightmare – it all comes down to how you use this powerful tool. If you are not able to get the results that you deserve in your VCE, or if you procrastinate or if you cannot seem to be able to memorise the problem and solution lies in the mind!

Any problem that you have in learning and applying your learning comes down to whether your mind is working with you or against you.

Is your “busy-ness” true or is it just caused by the mind?

VCE students and university students are generally stressed, sleep deprived and busy with a very hectic schedule. However there are times when it gets overwhelming, well your mind gets overwhelmed. What is this feeling of being overwhelmed? Why does it occur? How can you fix it?

An overwhelming feeling often occurs when you have a repeating thought of what you must do, as more and more work begins to pile up – the mind cannot deal with all of the information and therefore you begin to feel out of control.

From personal experience, as a engineering student, there are times when the work seems like it just piles up. After a few days or a time period has gone by it begins to become overwhelming. A while back, when I looked at my “to do list” it caused me to feel scared and overwhelmed because I believed that there was not possible to finish so much work in 1 week.

Since I am pretty determined, I decided to sit down and begin to do everything on my “to-do” list – no matter how little time I had. I completely switched off the “time meter” in my mind and decided just to work as effectively as possible. To my amazement, within a few hours, most of the things on my “to-do” list were crossed out. I did almost 3 assignments in on day – on top of improvements of the Academy Plus website and tutoring for 4 hours! I was so worried about these assignments for almost 3 weeks and I completed all of them in less then 24 hours. This means that the majority of my work done on the assignment was not devoted to the assignment… it was thinking about starting the assignment and even acknowledging that there is an assignment!

I realised something on that day…. although the work builds up – it really isn’t that much to do once you get started (with no distractions). I realised that if I just did the work – without thinking about how much work it is and calculating/estimating the period of time needed to accomplish a result, I would not feel overwhelmed in the first place.

The mind plays tricks with your emotions and perception at times, and it can cause you to feel really busy and overwhelmed – when in fact it is not made of real evidence, it is simply projected. Quiet often the amount of work you have to do is over-exaggerated, and it makes you believe that it is very significant.

Not thinking about the theory – mostly preoccupied by VCE.

This is a common problem. Many students spend a lot of time thinking about VCE, scaling, ATAR scores, VCE this and that, instead of just STUDYING. I was responsible for this in my VCE (still am in university – it is a curse), and although I did study hard – a majority of thinking was devoted to irrelevant VCE details.

Looking back I understand that I didn’t really need any VCE details. All I needed to do was to study and focus on every little detail of the subject– the rest would just work out. If you think about it – if you aim for 50/50 scaling really does not matter 😀

This is why I believe knowing details about marking, and how it will be calculated by your teacher and VCAA is very irrelevant – as long as you know your stuff and work hard you will find that your marks will be high! Of course some knowledge is important, but really no more than is introduced in year 10/11….

So one step to do better in VCE, is to omit thinking about irrelevant things – and just use that energy to maximise your marks.

Doing your VCE with fear;

Many students are fearful in the VCE, which can prevent clear thinking. Under the impact of fear, your mind doesn’t absorb information well because it is too preoccupied with “fear” and now to respond to it. Even if you study hard, you will find that it is less effective, then if you study fearlessly!

To control or reduce fear is an important skill to learn, which can be used in VCE and beyond! There are many ways to eliminate/reduce fear, some of them include hypnosis, NLP as well as meditation which we will be discussing in other articles.

In order to uncover success in VCE it is vital to empty your mind from all uncertainty, fear and preoccupations with the actual system of VCE. This is much easier said then done, hopefully though the help of our website – in particular from other VCE articles, you will be able to switch of the problematic part of the mind.

Your predominant, recurring thoughts during VCE turn into results.

What do you think about predominantly during the VCE? Do you believe that you can succeed in VCE? Whatever you believe in will expand… remember that thoughts are the seeds of results. Whatever you consciously decide to plant into your mind will simply grow into a results – through actions corresponding to that thought.

For example, lets say that you believe that you are inferior to other VCE students. If this becomes your “seed” it will slowly grow into something bigger, until it gains enough momentum that it becomes a tangible result. We live in a world where the invisible creates the visible, where tiny, harmless thoughts – can turn into monsters.

So what are you accepting to accomplish in the VCE? What do you believe about yourself, as a VCE student? Are you a terrible maths student? Or do you simply need to change your core fundamental beliefs? It all starts from you – every thought you have can free you or imprison you, and ultimately it is YOU that makes the decision of what to believe. So what do you belive?

Solutions to an overwhelmed mind in the VCE and perhaps beyond.

I see a lot of VCE students stressing about the pressure of VCE and the competition of VCE rather then the actual work that they must do.

It is a problem that I personally struggled with as well during VCE. In year 12, I wanted to study Medicine so much that it became more thought consuming then my attention on my VCE studying. I was constantly thinking about all the different alternatives ways that I could get into Medicine if I didn’t make it in VCE. When I did study, I could not focus effectively because medicine, VCE, ENTER scores were always at the “back of my head”. I was also very fear based, my worst fear throughout the VCE was going to Biomedical Science at Monash University – because it seemed like a waste of time. What type of thoughts did I plant?

As a VCE student, I did not really know the importance of developing a health self image and how important thoughts really are in the accomplishment of goals. I did not understand that it was essentially me and my thoughts causing the resistance and struggle during VCE.