Staying positive throughout the VCE

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The emotions you experience throughout the VCE will be important in how enjoyable your VCE will become. If you consistently live in fear, doubt and high stress throughout your VCE, it will impact your ATAR score in a negative way. However if you cultivate optimism, happiness and keep a positive frame of mind this will definitely benefit your ATAR score – and help keep you sane during the VCE!

Why is it important to remain positive during VCE?

Your thoughts are seeds that will reap action

Our thoughts are not simply insignificant events that happen in our mind. Just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean that they are not powerful. Quite often we believe that thoughts are simply beyond our control, that thoughts simply happen and that they cannot be selected. It is almost as if we are victims of thoughts – and that whether they are positive or negative there will be no difference in our lives. Right? Wrong! In reality the following is true:

(a) we can control and choose our thoughts

(b) our thoughts will become action and results.

Thoughts can often be seen as small seeds that can reap results. Choose to plant low quality seeds, and the results will be obvious. Choose excellent quality seeds – and you will have a lovely garden. Let’s consider a person that has decided that they are a “poor English student” – from an early age their teacher may have not believed in their ability or perhaps the student decided that they are worse than everybody else due low self-esteem. Whatever the case, the student decided to energise thoughts that tagged themselves as inferior to others in English. This is the seed they planted into their minds.

After that thought is planted, it is difficult to change it because the roots grow deeper. The thought becomes more automatic and stronger in intensity. Eventually the thought becomes a habit, and eventually converts into action and results. If a student continuously thinks that they are in adequate in English, every task they take up will be a struggle in this subject. This is because there will be continuous voice in their head saying “ I am not able to do this” or “I am not a good English student” or “I cannot do this task because I am a poor English student”.  Guess what, thoughts become reality – and the student will simply dig a deeper hole of self-doubt, low self-esteem and low confidence. Also their English marks will not improve with this mindset!

Luckily however, thoughts can be chosen! Ultimately we are the only ones that can control what we think about or what we accept to energise. Our life doesn’t simply happen to us, we have free will to choose our thoughts – and this is the most powerful free will of all because it guarantees a direct result in our life. So remember the following rule, not only for VCE, but also for life:

Thoughts   =   Results

If your thoughts are negative, this is not kept a secret! Just because it happens in your in head, it doesn’t mean that it won’t come out into the open. Since these thoughts become results, eventually by the results you have will be seen in the results you have. If your marks are poor – this is a result caused by a thought about yourself that turned into a belief and finally actions that converted into poor marks.

So be sure to monitor your thoughts – especially the ones that you energise most, as in long term these will become your own personal definition of who you are and what you can achieve. This is not only relevant for VCE but your entire life! If you think that you are a weak person with low immunity – you will become sick just to match this belief. If you think you deserve to be poor and broke – you will miss great opportunities to make money and invest in opportunities to cause you to remain broke so that you remain true to your own belief systems!

If your thoughts are positive and constructive, you will generate better results. If you know that you are capable of excelling in your studies and that you are able to handle challenging situations – your core belief will be that “I am a capable student”.  This is a positive belief system and will allow you to excel in your studies because you will match your belief system.

Positive thinking reduces stress and clears the mind

Positive thinking brings stress to a normal and healthy range. It allows people to remain optimistic about the future and their goals. It is important to have hope for the future as this will keep you motivated.

Negative thinking promotes negative emotions and slows people down. It clatters the mind, keeping this individual trapped with fear and self-doubt. Such states do not in any way promote success. It also increases stress experienced and often causes learning to be a difficult process and full of resistance. Everybody goes through periods of negative thinking – this is natural for humans, however it is important to recognise when your thinking is negative and consciously transform it back to a positive framework.

Positive thinking promotes a better memory

Positivity has been linking to a better memory capacity. Individuals that are positive have better brain activity which promotes a better working memory! Once again it is clear that thinking positive is not just about the results you will get in the future , it also improves the way that your mind works!

Positive thinking makes you happy!

Why not indulge in thinking that makes you happy over long term? The more positive your thinking is – it will strengthen your own happiness. We often believe that happiness is only possible when our life it “turning out”, but this is false. Happiness is really a state of mind – and it is a choice. There are plenty of rich people out there that are unhappy, whereas many people that have very little and are full of joy and happiness. What is the difference? Is it their external environment? Not really! It comes down to their thinking – they realize that their thinking can give them more happiness then the external situation!