Improving your VCE test results

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The VCE test/exam is the only way that a student will show the teacher or examiner that they know what is going on.

Many VCE students have stress during tests or exams. Unfortunately this impacts the score of the student plus reduces confidence in their ability. If you have stress/anxiety while you are in your exam/test please read this page! It is very important.

Why are you nervous?
People often are nervous in tests/exams because they feel trapped and under pressure due to the risk of failure/mental blanks. Anxiety in tests is something that took a long process to grow . Perhaps you feel nervous because your parents put pressure on you in the past and it has stayed in the unconscious mind? Maybe you are nervous because you have tapped into ‘survival’ mode and equate having to pass that test = getting into a course at uni? Or maybe you just are afraid to do mistakes and look like an ‘idiot’ in front of everyone? Or maybe you **need** to do well in VCE? The truth is that there a a wide range of reasons why you are anxious in a test.

Exam/test exercises.
Right. You have studied your subject and you know everything – you will just enter that VCE exam/test and get 100%, yes? Not quite. There are levels of learning your subjects.

> 1) Understanding the topic
> 2) Applying the theory to your current knowledge.
> 3) Understanding how to work out questions
> 4) Ability to apply new theory to more advanced questions.

Your level of knowledge should be so deep that you do not stumble across remembering definitions/terms. Stumbling on keywords/terms shows that you are not an expert.

If you want to get a 99+, in the VCE you should;

– be an expert in your subjects
– work hard and with enthusiasm
– be consistent in your studies
– ask questions when you are uncertain (saves time)
– find a mentor who has ‘been there & done that’.
– remember to have fun at school…. because when you **finally** leave you will want to go back!

Making studying more appealing in the VCE.
We all need variety in life – a strict study regime over months generally leads to demotivation. Therefore when you feel like you are losing the plot, there should be backup.

The best type of study for VCE is not always at the desk (very slave like). Here are a few backup options of how to make your VCE study life more interesting and alive.

Pretending that you are the teacher.
– Record yourself explaining the topics. Pretend you are a VCE teacher and are trying to get the information through to someone who is clueless. This person will be continuously asking the question ‘… but why’ or ‘how’ which you will have to account for. This will pinpoint the exact topics that you have little understanding of. Ideally after you have completed this activity you can ask the actual VCE teacher/tutor.

Make a game;
What to have some creative fun in the VCE? Why not make a special monopoly game. Replace the true cards with biology/chemistry questions and instead of getting money for nothing try to earn money whenever you get a question correct.