VCE Comprehesive Program 2014

In 2014 Academy Plus classes will be held at Berwick and Glen Waverley. We strongly suggest that you book your class early as sessions do get booked up quickly!

VCE Classes available

  • VCE English– unit 3/4
  • VCE Further Mathematics
  • VCE Math Methods– unit 1/2
  • VCE Math Methods– unit 3/4
  • VCE Chemistry– unit 1/2
  • VCE Chemistry– unit 3/4
  • VCE Biology– unit 3/4
  • VCE Physics– unit 3/4
  • VCE Psychology– unit 3/4
  • VCE Specialist Mathematics – unit 3/4
  • UMAT


When do VCE classes commence?
Classes commence beginning from Monday 10th February 2014 – we will progress quickly yet thoroughly through the syllabus giving students an adequate time to prepare.

How many people in a class?
Academy Plus classes are small and effective. The number of students vary throughout the year – but there are normally only 6 – 10 students per class. We believe that the best learning happens when classes are small in size!

What do I bring to class?
It is important to bring the following;

  • Exercise book
  • Pen/pencils
  • Relevant data book
  • Calculator

What will be provided in class?
Questions and relevant notes will be provided. These are Academy Plus resources which are only available to students that attend our tutoring services.

Who will be my teacher?
We have a great team of experts that can adequately prepare you for the challenges of VCE. The teacher leading the class will be announced closer to the commencement of VCE classes.

How are the classes run?
The classes are as interactive as possible. The tutor guides the student through the theory and then goes through analytical based questions. There are demonstrations and creative ways of learning the content.

What is the price for year 12 VCE classes?
In order to join the program an upfront monthly instalment is required.

How long are the year 12 VCE classes?
The year 12 sessions are 2 hours in duration.

How long are UMAT classes?
UMAT classes are 1.5 hours in duration.

Where are the classes held?
The Academy Plus classes are held in Glen Waverley or Berwick.

Timetable for 2014

Timetable will be finalised in December 2013


A fee of $140 per subject ($35/2 hours) is paid on a monthly basis – no contracts are required.


In order to join the class please call 8786-9831 or email us on Alternatively send us a SMS on 0401-305-399 if you would like to join the classes.