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  1. Essay Writing (proof reading)
  2. VCE English (Year 11)
  3. VCE English (Year 12)
  4. VCE English Language (Year 11)
  5. VCE English Language (Year 12)
  6. VCE ESL/EAD (Year 11)
  7. VCE ESL/EAD (Year 12)

$55 Per Hour

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15 KM

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Viji Radha

Berwick English Tutor

In addition to having taught high school English for the past 15 years, with 10 years in a Catholic school and the rest in public schools, I have also been an ex-journalist, as well as an editor of English fiction and non-fiction. I am currently working on my Masters in Education at The University of Melbourne, specialising in teaching reading and writing to
high school students. In order to maximise my time for research, I teach part time at the Melbourne International College of English and work as a Contract Relief Teacher at a select entry high school in Victoria. English is my first language, and needless to say, I love reading and writing; like any skill, I strongly believe what the essayist, Emerson, once wrote:

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased."

In short, my motto is simple: If you are willing, I am able - to increase your ability as an active reader and effective writer.


Contact me for availabilities.

Special Pricing

$45 per hour in pairs; $50 for 90 minutes in groups of 3 - 5.

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Highest Qualification: Master's Degree (Specialised Qualification)

1. Master of Education:University of Melbourne
2. First Class Hons in Engaging Students with Writing : University of Melbourne
3. Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Education: National Institute of Education; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
4. Bachelor of Arts; National University of Singapore

1. Excellence in Teaching: 2007
2. First in English: Year 11
3. First in English: Year 10
4. Second in English: Year 9
5. Second in English: Year 8

I care deeply about my students as individuals with hopes and dreams. My role in their lives is to guide them so they can be confident readers and writers. Many students seem to dread the English examination, which often ends up being one of their lowest scores. My goal, therefore, is to help ease fears about writing while inculcating a love for reading and of words. I also SHOW my students HOW to write, with my previous experience as a journalist and editor coming strongly into play.

My years of experience as an English teacher have made me believe strongly in the reading-writing connection. Good writers are good readers, and I enjoy sharing with my students what I read so they can expand their vocabulary in order to write better. My classes alternate between reading, discussion and writing that is timed, so they are prepared for writing during exams. As a previous editor of fiction and non-fiction books, I am also a meticulous marker, giving detailed and immediate feedback.

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