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Subjects I Tutor

  1. English (advanced)
  2. English (beginners)
  3. English (intermediate)
  4. Essay Writing (proof reading)
  5. Secondary School English (Year 7-10)
  6. VCE English (Year 11)
  7. VCE English (Year 12)
  8. VCE ESL/EAD (Year 11)
  9. VCE ESL/EAD (Year 12)
  10. VCE Literature (Year 11)
  11. VCE Literature (Year 12)

$50 Per Hour

Standard Rate

20 KM

Travel Radius from Montrose

Qualifications Checked and Verified

VIT Registered Teacher

Extensive Tutoring Experience

Listed for Over 12 Months

Group Tutoring Available

Online Tutoring Available

Terry's Other Services


I have extensive experience of editing student papers from Year 7 up to doctoral level.

Dr Terry Volbrecht, PhD


A am available to tutor high school (VCE) English, English as an Additional Language and Literature. I can also assist tertiary students in English and other humanities subjects at all levels with their writing assignments.

I have extensive experience of tutoring in secondary and tertiary education.

I taught English as a first language in high schools for seventeen years and English as a second language for eight years. In this period I combined class teaching with individualised tuition and also tutored first year university students studying English via Distance Education.

I then worked in universities as an educational development professional. In this period I tutored students in English and academic literacy and was also involved in writing educational publications including English text books for high schools. Also in this period I trained peer tutors based in Writing Centres. As an academic I successfully supervised and tutored many postgraduate students.

AS a tutor my aim is to be approachable, encouraging, patient and constructive.


My schedule is currently flexible. Not available 8.3- - 9.30 in the mornings and 3 to 4.30 in the afternoons.

Special Pricing

Fee reduced by $15 for groups of 5-10.

Terry's Mini CV

  • Qualifications
  • Strengths as a Tutor
  • Teaching Method

Highest Qualification: PhD (Specialised Qualification)

I have post-graduate qualifications in English including a PhD (D.Litt) which was about academic literacy development.

I am highly qualified as a teacher of English, having completed Honours, Master's (cum laude) and doctoral degrees in the field of English/Education, as well as haviing completed a postgraduate teachers' diploma (cum laude).
I have specialised in the field of student essay writing and have advanced skills which I use when working with students.
I am friendly, patient and encouraging in my approach, and will go out of my way to understand what each students needs to improve and what the student and I need to know to make this happen.
I encourage all students to become reflective, independent learners.

My method is based on first understanding what a particular student needs from me and then designing my support and each lesson to meet these needs.
My method is also task-based, in that I primarily work with tasks that students have already been given by their teachers or lecturers. I may if necessary give additional tasks designed to improve the student's performance in their primary tasks.

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