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  1. Medicine (Tertiary)
  2. Sciences (Tertiary)
  3. VCE Biology (Year 11)
  4. VCE Biology (Year 12)
  5. VCE Chemistry (Year 11)
  6. VCE Chemistry (Year 12)
  7. VCE Further Mathematics (Year 12)
  8. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 11)
  9. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 12)
  10. VCE Specialist Mathematics (Year 12)

$50 Per Hour

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This tutor's office is located in Brighton

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VIT Registered Teacher

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Maryam Bassirat


PhD, Medicine (Melbourne University)
BSc (Hons), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Manchester University, UK)
Melbourne Teaching Certificate
published author

Biology - Secondary, Tertiary
Chemistry - Secondary, Tertiary
Mathematics - Secondary, Tertiary
Physiology, Biochemistry - Tertiary

I offer a professional and friendly tutoring service in southern part of Melbourne.

I am a medical researcher with over 15 years of experience in mentoring and /or supervising students of various levels and have extensive number of publications. I offer personalised high quality tuition to secondary and tertiary level students in the areas of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, and Biochemistry.

For undergraduate and post graduate students I can also assist in other aspects of academic learning such as analytical thinking, time management, thesis/manuscript writing and literature search. In addition, I work to enhance motivation, organisation, comprehension, study skills and stress management.

I believe in inspiring students to become independent and confident learners. This can be achieved by using simple teaching techniques that stimulates student’s curiosity and yet having patience for when they face challenging situations. I am one of those mentors who always keep the communication line open with my students and encourage them to use a different approach in solving problems while I provide them with continuous support and guidance.

I also have a working with children's card.


Monday-Friday and some weekends with agreement

Special Pricing

Tertiary students $60/hr

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