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  1. Economics (Tertiary)
  3. UMAT
  4. VCE Biology (Year 12)
  5. VCE Business Management (Year 12)
  6. VCE Chemistry (Year 12)
  7. VCE Economics (Year 12)
  8. VCE English (Year 12)
  9. VCE Further Mathematics (Year 12)
  10. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 12)

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Lindsay Coleman, Coleman


I have been teaching and tutoring now for 11 years. I have presented in universities such as Harvard and Brandeis, and have had two academic anthologies published by Scarecrow Press and IB Tauris. I am presently working on four more books for Palgrave, Lexington, Northwestern, and Edinburgh University Presses. I received graduate entry to medical school and have been teaching science and economics at a university level for the past decade. I tutor all VCE and IB subjects with the exception of foreign languages. I have received three major academic scholarships, the first in 1994, the latest in 2005.


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Highest Qualification: PhD (Specialised Qualification)

I received graduate entry to medical school in 2004. I have an honours degree from Melbourne University in the Humanities. I am submitting my doctoral thesis for a Phd in the Humanities from Melbourne. I also have received the Australian Post-Graduate Award for my doctoral studies and a Summer Scholarship to the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University. I am the author of two books and have had chapters published in numerous other books and journals.

My students most appreciate my adaptability and the range of resources which I bring to my tutorials. This in addition to my experience tutoring at both a secondary and tertiary level for the past decade put me in the ideal position to prepare students for assessments.

My method is to switch between mini-lectures and example problems. My focus is always on allowing students the time and resources they need to determine how to work towards assessments.

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