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  1. Primary School Mathematics (K-6)
  2. Secondary School Mathematics (Year 7-10)
  3. VCE Further Mathematics (Year 12)
  4. VCE General Mathematics (Year 11)
  5. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 11)
  6. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 12)

$35 Per Hour

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30 KM

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Harpreet Kaur Sethi

Brilliant Tutor


Monday- Friday: 4pm - 9pm Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Special Pricing

$35 per hour per student for grade 2-10 students. $40 per hour per student for grade 11 and 12 students. *fee concession for 2 or more students

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Highest Qualification: Master's Degree (Specialised Qualification)

I have done Masters in Mathematics. I have more than 6 years of tutoring experience in subjects like maths and English. My specialisation is in Mathematics.

I can make Maths fun and easy to learn. My teaching methods would take the fear of numbers away. Being experienced with students of different background, skills and understanding ability, I can easily judge the areas of students I need to work on. This will boost self confidence in students.

I can make Maths fun by giving ample of tips and tricks for better understanding. Practical examples from day to day life, worksheets, handouts, weekly surprise tests and frequent revision would help students learn fast.

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