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  1. Scholarship Entry
  2. VCE Biology (Year 12)
  3. VCE Chemistry (Year 11)
  4. VCE Chemistry (Year 12)
  5. VCE Further Mathematics (Year 12)
  6. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 11)
  7. VCE Mathematical Methods (Year 12)
  8. VCE Physics (Year 12)
  9. VCE Psychology
  10. VCE Specialist Mathematics (Year 12)

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Izabella Bratek

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Experienced VCE Math/Science Tutor

I am a friendly, down to earth person who really wants to make a difference in the quality of education Australia wide and possibly beyond. I am 100% devoted to all the students that I teach and really want them to achieve their academic dreams! I do not only teach my students - but I develop excellent rapport with them, this ensures that they are not petrified of asking me questions and always feel like they can approach me with any type of problem they may have. I have a vast amount of interests these including traveling, philosophy, psychology, reading, writing, teaching, business as well as personal development. I am very curious about how things work and integrate this into my teaching style - to ensure that students see the bigger picture.

Within private sessions, I progress through the entire curriculum with the student with a close focus on question answering techniques. This enables students to understand how to convert their knowledge of their topic, and translate it into practical use. Quite often, a student knows the theory, but can\'t connect how it needs to be used when answering a question! This is very frustrating for many students, because the practical side of their studies are not developed well.

In addition to this I have a passion about teaching students to build self-confidence, a healthy self-image, their ability to tap into self-motivation which are skills that are important for a lifetime! These factors determine the level of educational success obtained by individuals and therefore I find it absolutely imperative to integrate it into the tutoring sessions.


- 12 years of VCE tutoring

- Psychological Studies tutor at Monash University

- Specialising in VCE Chemistry (Year 11/12), VCE Methods (Year 11/12)

- Can also teach VCE Biology, VCE Physics, VCE Psychology, VCE General/Further Mathematics/Specialist and Tertiary Engineering/Math.

- assisted multiple students with a transformation from D\'s to A\'s

- taught numerous VCE high achieving students that entered into competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy and many more!

- taught students that have achieved perfect study scores ie. 50/50 taught individuals from various selective schools such as Melbourne High, Nossal High School, Mac Robertson, John Monash Science School and various of private schools around Melbourne.

- I have written VCE study guides and hundreds of practice exam questions, notes and powerpoint presentations related to the current VCE study course.

- attended and presented at the VCE Expo about \'Success in VCE\' in front of hundreds of VCE students and their parents.

- taught numerous students online and helped to increase their confidence and grades.

- lecturer of VCE comprehensive program for Methods, Chemistry and Biology.

- Completing Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education to become a VIT registered teacher by 2016/17.


For 2016 bookings, kindly email me on enquiries@academyplus.com.au or SMS me on 0401305399 - I usually cannot pick up my phone during sessions. Thanks

Special Pricing

Small group session $45 per hour/student (2 students) $35 per hour/ student (3 students) Online Tutoring: $40 per hour - through Skype (live)

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Highest Qualification: Bachelor's Degree (Advanced Qualification)

I am a graduate chemical engineer from Monash University.

- Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Monash University) 2005-2007

- Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Monash University) 2008 - 2013

- Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (ACU) 2015 - 2016

More importantly I have worked with countless amount of VCE students consistently throughout 12 years of teaching experience.

Students feel as though I make challenging topics and question quite simple to understand. I believe that \"keeping it simple\" is very important when teaching a student. Of course this does not mean that the detail is omitted - I incorporate the detail into teaching by adding it in layers. Therefore allowing the student to understand the bigger picture. I am quite a creative and patient person. If a student is struggling with understanding a topic, I choose a different way of explaining content.

Progression through the syllabus with a focus on extended response questions. I concentrate on helping the student develop confidence in answering questions. I prepare students for their SAC\'s and exams by leading them through highly relevant and challenging questions that could confuse them in a test situation.

Online tutoring is also possible at a reduced fee.

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I enjoy writing articles to motivate students and help them increase their confidence. Being at school is a challenge, especially during the VCE/HSC years, and it is important to focus on stress reduction, time management, motivation and goal setting throughout the year!

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