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  1. Essay Writing (proof reading)
  2. Psychology (Tertiary)

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This tutor's office is located in Berwick

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Editing, proofing, copywriting services for print and web: Per-word pricing

Alex De Foe

Management Team

Psychological Science & Writing Skills Tutor

Hi, my name is Alex - I manage the technical side of Academy Plus Education, I am also involved with interviewing and selecting new tutors for our database, and am Editor of the Academy Plus Blog. As part of this editorial role, I encourage our tutors to participate on the website and build an effective tutoring portfolio online.

Aside from these roles at Academy Plus, I also offer a limited number of hours of private tutoring and writing services.

Tutoring Services:

- Psychological science
- Social work
- Counselling
- Human services
- Other related fields of specialisation

I have a particular interest in writing and research skills pertaining to these fields, but I also assist students who have struggled with grasping particular theoretical concepts in their learning process. I can also assist with developing practical and industry-relevant skills (within an academic framework).

Teaching Experience:

I have had over 3 years of experience as a lecturer / Teaching Associate at Monash University in the area of psychological science.

I have also been employed as a teaching staff member as part of a University foundation program. As part of that role I worked with students to develop their scientific writing skills, logical reasoning, critical thinking and overall academic confidence - thus, I am available to assist students who are striving to develop overall writing, reading and academic study skills, whether that be at VCE, undergraduate or graduate level.

I'm looking forward to working with you!


I'm available 4.00PM - 8.00PM on Tuesdays in Berwick. Online help also available.

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$50 per hour

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Highest Qualification: Master's Degree (Specialised Qualification)

My qualifications include:

- Masters degree in Counselling (4.00/4.00GPA) - Monash
- Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Studies (1st Hons) - Monash
- Experience conducting research and publishing in peer-reviewed scientific journals
- Professional experience in the field - both clinical and research
- Cert IV TAA

Helping students to develop their confidence in academic work.

Tailoring tutoring to each student's current level and preferred learning approach.

One-on-one private tutoring
Tuition focus groups
Online and telephone tutoring for regional students
Editing, revision and consultation work

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I blog about applying psychological skills in everyday life: Developing good learning habits, exam preparation and stress management, clear written and spoken communication and more!

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