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In particular, we are interested in advertisers who offer tertiary study options to our VCE students, such as colleges, universities or TAFEs. Advertisers in competition with us (i.e., tutoring companies) might not be accepted.

VCETuition.com.au has over 500 pages on our website, including 100+ tutoring subject pages, 100+ VCE success blog posts, and 100+ forums for particular subject-areas. The site draws over 20,000+ unique pageviews per month, boasting close to 3,000 Google search queries landing on our pages each month. Our visitors are first and foremost 1) male and female VCE students of 15-17 years of age, and less often 2) other students such as mature age students and 3) tutors.

There are 3 advertising areas open. Once you reserve a spot, it is yours, you have 100% exposure over the traffic to that area of our site. However, we expect a minimum 3 month commitment with up-front payment preferred.


Option 1

728×90 big banner below all Tutor Database Subject pages

Example page

Total subject pages listed on: 100+

Your price: $500 per month

Option 2

728×90 big banner below all Blog and Article pages

Example page

Total article pages listed on: 100+

Your price: $300 per month

The article pages cover the following topics

Option 3

728×90 big banner below all Forum subject pages

Example page

Total forum post-list pages listed on: 100+

Your price: $200 per month


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