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Our mission is to support VCE students through their senior years of high school, and to help them attain their academic goals. The tutors that are part of Academy Plus are passionate teachers and tutors who really wish to guide young people through their academic challenges and to help them increase critical thinking, problem solving skills and to form an in depth understanding of their subject. Our company was opened in 2007, and we have been well known for our innovative approach to education. We are dedicated to improving the quality of education delivered in Victoria which is seen in our commitment to provide high quality resources for VCE students. Our company strives to make videos, worksheets, notes, practice tests, practice SACs and exams to help students develop confidence in their senior years. Our company may be small, but we have a lot of heart and we care about every student who decides to take up tutoring with us. 

Why choose Academy Plus?

  • Our teachers are committed individuals who have significant experience in teaching and preparing students for their VCE. 

  • We work with students individually to help them develop a deeper understanding of the topic studied. We know the tricks and tips to help students answering questions proficiently and to help them maximize their grades.

  • We understand coursework requirements, and have extensive experience in developing SACs and assessments as specified by the VCAA curriculum. This helps our students save precious time, and helps to direct their focus to learning and developing skills that lead to better grades.

  • We help students raise their grades and to keep them consistent throughout the year. We provide students the tools, techniques and structure to keep them excelling in SACs, assessments and examinations.  

  • Our educators have experience working with a variety of students with a variety of academic goals, from those who are struggling with the subject to high achievers who are aiming for top grades. Many of our past students received top study scores and high ATAR scores.

  • Our teachers focus on developing student’s higher order thinking skills, which is important for strengthening their problem solving skills and increasing confidence in analysis style questions. 

  • Our mission is to help every student achieve their best outcome, there is already so much pressure on our VCE students and we really want to help students to develop more confidence in their subject and help them achieve their academic goals.

  • Students find individual tutoring beneficial since they can easily ask questions when they don’t understand a concept. Small group classes are also excellent at helping students practise skills, with the support of an experienced teacher.

  • Sessions are pay as you go – no contracts, no problem!
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Our teachers work side by side with you to help you develop the skills necessary to raise those grades and move you closer to achieving your academic aspirations.
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Our teachers understand the marking scheme VCAA assessors use to grade examinations. We help students formulate high quality responses, including important keywords, to maximize their marks.
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We work with high achieving students to help them maximise their study scores. Our teachers can help you maximise you study scores.
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